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  1. Diurn


    Loved that, milkface. Thank you Reminded me of isn't anything by mbv. How protoshoegaze should be? Spacemen 3 or Cocteau Twins match but don't know if lasts until The Cure or Joy Division. Also Malory should be here as posted on the other topic, they take a lot of Slowidve and Ride.
  2. I saw it partially yesterday. He is a Genius and a true innovator.
  3. long time listening to these girls
  4. That's true, sometimes I did some bad mixing and turned out to be an average mastered tune. From what I've learned, the hi hats or any percussion and/or melody that has high frequency should be volumed down. Subs and low frequencies are easy to control in the mastering process than high freqs. In my case I prefer an audio engineer doing that job because they're specialized on that, even if you have to pay some amount. The result is worth the money for sure. They use hardware equipment that most of us don't have like valve compressors, A/D converters, EQs, limiters, etc. helping the track gain some level of deepness and body. As someone said, an extra pair of ears is important. You've to contextualize a little bit, better if the work is an album and also let know which artists/bands are similar. I haven't tried any online services like LANDR or similars neither mastering software so I cannot give you an opinion on that, but they are a fantastic option to use of course. PD: Taking into an account that also deppends on the output format of the listener to be targeted on. Is not the same for someone that uses oftenly headphones instead of monitors/speakers. See ya
  5. If you're into shoegaze, check out this band: Sadly they split up like 10 years ago.
  6. we all love this song, right?
  7. Yes, that jam & spoon version of Age of Love is pure gold. The whole 90's were interesting for electronic music, a lot of genres were created. Trance is like speed up techno but slower gabber/hardcore.
  8. Autechre confirmed for Primavera Sound 2021, first days of June https://www.primaverasound.com/en
  9. As for all styles there are good and average bands. Im not fully into trance but I admire one particular duo, "Astral Projection" are the real trance guys. They started on early 90s as SFX and shaped trance as it is today, I recommend you their albums "Dancing Galaxy" and "Another World". A lot of people tag them as goa trance but for me, they have that kind of flow missing in a lot of plain tracks (like the stereotypical one mentioned in the Future Ducks of London video above, using that kick over and over again). They also do awesome remixes and its a shame, because they're pretty much unknown outside trance community. I remember a few years ago I went to see them in a concert and we were like 30 souls but oh man, we danced non stop for 3h that was incredible. Gouryella, Nick K or Ferry Corsten remixes are also good stuff. This one for example, is a classic:
  10. I've been listening to Hannah Diamond lately, her last album is good and has some catchy tunes. She is not too much popular but the music she does it is, abusing a lot on autotune but artistically, bounding melodic electronic music nicely. See ya
  11. I made a collaboration with a local vj artist and she made me a video for one of my last album tracks:
  12. I did this Plaid remix a while ago
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