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  1. Anybody into Astronoid? that style with clean vocals is quite curious...
  2. n Yes, you're right. This is how they get that granular sound. Their recent work mainly lacks melody so I guess that they sample a lot of kicks, snares, hihats, etc. and preprocess them distorting/EQing or whatever
  3. they have been mentioned but Monolake or Seefeel are quite similar to AE, also esplendor geometrico that they also admire, for example this one I love:
  4. Diurn

    the Coil thread

    I need to dive more into coil discography, the apes of naples is superb but now im more into this other stuff. Here is my little homage..
  5. I saw yesterday their live set here in Barcelona and guys that was incredible. I recommend you to see them live. They just kick ass Regards,
  6. A lot of albums to enjoy this decade but a few albums that hit me hard were (in no particular order): Autechre - Oversteps M83 - Hurry Up We're Dreaming My bloody Valentine - m b v Boards of canada - Tomorrow's Harvest Archive - The False Foundation Fear Factory - Genexus Plaid - Reachy Prints Bicep - Bicep Astral Projection - GOA classics Remixed
  7. Hi snack master, I listened to a your album and liked "Amen, Brothers" and "FM Jungle Breaks", from me it sounds like an evolution of classic d'n'b, it reminded me of rob & goldie, specifically their "the shadow" EP. Keep on with that good shit man! Regards,
  8. Diurn


    Hello everyone, I will create this new post just to publish my work until the date. I released a few albums, the last one this year a few months ago titled "Una Història Hologràfica". If you're interested is already present in most digital platforms: https://diurn.bandcamp.com/album/una-hist-ria-hologr-fica https://www.deezer.com/en/album/94057852 I also have an official webpage that you can visit here: www.xn--dirn-1ra.com Thank you all, and sending good vibes. Regards,
  9. I need to listen more this to give a more accurate opinion. I enjoyed his previous work "The mountain will fall". But the new work seems to be a return to his early work style. I will give it a try. see ya,
  10. I was planning to buy the TR8S but after checking this machine I will definetily purchase it. The fact that you can sample and sequence anything at channel level gives it a powerful utility. Seems that they were inspired by ableton push. The best part is that's is also an AIRA product, so will be compatible with Mx1 See ya,
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