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  1. Somebody knows about tulip mania that happened in Netherlands 17th century? And Im full supportive for cryptos but c'mon, how can someone buy/sell stuff with BTC on a daily basis? Also if you haven't noticed, they are mainly being used for illegal commercial purposes, like human trafficking, drugs, weapons, slavery, etc. For the mafia is more secure than traditional bank transactions. Cryptos should have some kind of benign utility in the real world, not just like an speculative investment I mean... an NFT for 100$ is ok, even for 1000$ but beyond that is just speculation, because there's another question here: are digital assets more important than physical ones? EDIT: I fear that centrals banks and institutions will see this as an opportunity to put some control and taxes on it, and I don't like it.
  2. I use a similar setup as yours since years ago, I replaced that mono/stereo inputs w/ different synths/rythmbox. Played a lot with that tb-3 and system-1 they just do surreal sounds if its destroyed properly. Also that MFX is a nice feature, specially delays and scatter, you can create a totally different track with that. Sampling some shit from your daw into that and then applying some effects of the mixer is cool.
  3. I was there! didn't know there were some watmmers we could do a meeting next time. I headed to the festival with some friends but you know, they prefer to go to other "normal" bands and I was alone most of the time enjoying my favourite acts: Mogwai, Autechre, Squarepusher, Napalm Death, Beck, Nick Cave, Gorillaz and Tame Impala are ok, Dinosaur Jr., holy f*ck Dj Shadow! and some more... but yeah Tom just nailed it, one of the best concerts of the festival for me. The best: the artists and their performances. The worst: festival organization. See ya,
  4. I only could listen to last 20 min or so but yep, is the same setup as 2015 with more sampling from SIGN/PLUS era. This is the kind of music that you need to listen on a good acoustic theather. nice gig from ae!
  5. Diurn


    So this is one of my fave Ae's track, I think already posted it somewhere. that's the magic done by Rob and Sean, for me it sounds like a cosmic lament or similar..
  6. Yes and the difference is bigger than 60s or 70s let's say, when all modern music was made. Today there are so many styles an subgenres that even for the most versated melomaniac it could be problematic to say that phrase, at least on a literal way. I guess that most of us use it on a vague context about styles we listen to, but then is a relative issue. maybe you could use eclectic as a definition.
  7. sure Escher is a genius artist on mindfucking images https://mcescher.com/gallery/most-popular/
  8. been listenin to this classic lately..
  9. Dune and I was quite impressed by the result. Even being sci-fi fan I enjoyed it.
  10. the tunes are supa cool but the website is a piece of art.
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