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  1. listenin to it, cool
  2. Congrats Joyrex, I switched to Tomorrow's Harvest theme and is so cool.
  3. For me is ok this dark theme. Maybe I would use a brighter font color, near light-gray or white. You need to know that dark themes are in general better for your eyes health than white ones. Software developers learnt this years ago, when you're reading code for a long time it produces less eye strain, at least for me. If you're not confortable with this theme, you should be able to switch to a brighter one. Regards,
  4. Remembering this guys when I saw them 11 years ago and how I love it, this is brutal my friends
  5. They also have a track called 'Music for Pylons' listed in old tunes vol. 2
  6. Is one of my favourite RDJ albums, in fact is key to understand the new electronic scene born in late 80s / early 90s. You can like it more or less, but it had/has a great impact to lot of artists. Somehow he managed to resurrect a lost germanic/french/british wave injecting fresh air with innovation and creativity since the oldies JMJ, Krafterk, Vangelis, Brian Eno, etc.
  7. Awesome track, both Sonic 1 & 2 have great osts This OPN2 Yamaha chip is the reason behind the sound quality. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yamaha_YM2612
  8. Back in the 90s I played RTS games. Nice OSTs here and there: Dark Reign Total Annihilation Age of Empires 2 C&C: Red Alert:
  9. Yes! an awesome trap record by Autechre why not. Regarding L-event lets post this masterpiece here instead on now playing thread:
  10. I've been following them since 2006 or so, this prolific weird band has an extensive discography but my favourites are Commercial Album, God in Three Persons, Mush-room or The king & the Eye but every work have something special. They released Metal Meat and Bone recently but haven't listened the whole album yet. Anybody here has seen them live? I would like to. PD: Also the new track DIE DIE DIE is hilarous see ya
  11. Lot of AE fanboys here, just like our beloved twoism 😈 I think that this album will have more in common with Oversteps (both have circles), but let's wait until we can hear something. Congrats to Rob & Sean
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