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  1. when mixing and producing some serious real shit, mesmerized by the sound is hard to leave that feelin yet
  2. Yes I usually do but as you said, it turns to be a custom 4/4 with some pads and strings. The key is alternate some elements at 3/4 and some panning sounds or rolls from time to time. Commercially techno-house has gained a lot of popularity recent years, in detriment of other minor styles of course. My concern is that someday the techno and house scene will be so saturated that will die of fame, as rock today. regards,
  3. I love that synth, I made incredible sounds on it. The scatter and XY play are super cool features. As you specify this is not a classic 303, when I bought mine I was also searching for something different than that famous acid bassline. The AIRA series is their finest regarding Roland's product catalog.
  4. Just purchased a roland mc-707, haven't dived deep into it but looks promising. This is my first groovebox/sampler, which ones are your favourites? I Also bought a TE pocket operator, I already had one and is funny to catch some samples there.
  5. Is comprehensible that some of you don't like all albums, is a common thing between median/old bands. I lost their track after Rave Tapes, but still nice tunes on recent work. For me the pinnacle of the band was between that one and Mr.Beast... is always great news that Mogwai come back as they're excellent musicians, some bands only can dream of reaching their creative compositions.
  6. Same here, just trying to ignore the ones that I published, always tend to find an improvement could be done on that tune. About my unpublished stuff is different, the vast majority is a mediocre experimentation but still a few gems here and there. I would say that deppends on how perfectionist you're.
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