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  1. That 303 in Neverlevers 😊 I prefer this track over Vortrack but both are awesome. Back in the days I used to enjoy Numbers Lucent EP, then I suddenly lost his track. I saw him live in Sónar Barcelona 2015 and he wore a kind of nuclear suit while scattering a cascade of noisy tunes, was the most schizophrenic musical approach I have ever heard, I didn't get it as much as Autechre in the same festival (maybe because of the hype). But as good wine the memories of the live set aged pretty well, In addition the fact that I was high af didn't help to comprehend the whole set. Good one Squarepusher!
  2. If you're a pizza lover you know that the most important factor for a good one is always the dough, and usually a craft baker will have excellent dough for a pizza (avoid major pizza companies). Then you add gorgonzola and pomodoro to get the classical one, however preferences are different for everyone of course. I love so many combinations but good chese, for example from goat mixed with salad ham/salami, onions and maybe bit of honey plus basil and oregano is very yummy.
  3. Never heard of them until a few years ago I took a vinyl copy of "the Speedlearn" in london and I really enjoy it. Only listened a couple of times but has great tunes, seems a mix of Orbital and Vapourspace. Regards,
  4. Anybody into Astronoid? that style with clean vocals is quite curious...
  5. n Yes, you're right. This is how they get that granular sound. Their recent work mainly lacks melody so I guess that they sample a lot of kicks, snares, hihats, etc. and preprocess them distorting/EQing or whatever
  6. they have been mentioned but Monolake or Seefeel are quite similar to AE, also esplendor geometrico that they also admire, for example this one I love:
  7. Diurn

    the Coil thread

    I need to dive more into coil discography, the apes of naples is superb but now im more into this other stuff. Here is my little homage..
  8. I saw yesterday their live set here in Barcelona and guys that was incredible. I recommend you to see them live. They just kick ass Regards,
  9. A lot of albums to enjoy this decade but a few albums that hit me hard were (in no particular order): Autechre - Oversteps M83 - Hurry Up We're Dreaming My bloody Valentine - m b v Boards of canada - Tomorrow's Harvest Archive - The False Foundation Fear Factory - Genexus Plaid - Reachy Prints Bicep - Bicep Astral Projection - GOA classics Remixed
  10. Hi snack master, I listened to a your album and liked "Amen, Brothers" and "FM Jungle Breaks", from me it sounds like an evolution of classic d'n'b, it reminded me of rob & goldie, specifically their "the shadow" EP. Keep on with that good shit man! Regards,
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