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  1. Outstanding work Nicholls, data & resources provided. Thank you. I would say that 'IDM' is just a vague label to define some kind of affinity, specifically in electronic music, call it braindance, experimental music or whatever you want. The point is that is hard to gather all electronic styles and each culture in hip hop, ambient, techno, etc. Applied to the community implies that we're quite different as individuals even if we match racially, by gender, age or education.
  2. yep, I played with that a few days ago seems to be quite accurate and inspired: autechre boards of canada cthulhu @type null
  3. What are your thoughts on Roko's basilisk? There's some debate regarding this theory, seems similar to Pascal Wager's one, is like being in control of something that could be out of control.
  4. this is my set at brainrave 2 festival a few months ago, check also the other artists there is some nice stuff. a big thumbs up for braindance community!
  5. as other styles and unknown bands is just patience & open mind listening it. This does not match modern consumer behavior, I suppose they prefer the effortless comfort of what sounds anywhere.
  6. I remember diving into the hubble satellite image gallery back then, being mesmerized by the beauty of nebulosas and supernovas floating so far away. Can we consider space photography some kind of art?
  7. Diurn

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    You're right
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    happy bday to you Rich
  9. sounds great, I will check it out
  10. We're passing the 5th wave and still lobotomized ppl supporting the circus, is just unreal. Here, a 11 y.o. died after receiving the jab, how this f*king nazis are doing this shit? It's a genocide and you'll see it next years. PD: Vive le France!
  11. It is evident that the artists are underpaid, I do not want to imagine the amount of money that the music industry generates by streaming. Maybe it's better to promote other platforms such as bandcamp or to have a more fair deal with the provider. I suppose that these big names that support the initiative would have no reason to do so, but perhaps they give some visibility to the issue. The fact is that living from music is very complicated, even more these days.
  12. I do like the vocals, in fact reminds me somehow of good friday one of my favs. Patton usually sings that way, and yet the instrumental is quite curious, isn't my favourite but still boc print there.
  13. Yep as someone quoted PC music and AG Cook is related to this stuff, in recent years until now some teens joined the tendency and besides vaporwave, created an interesting culture based on a digital world that we're currently living on. Im not an expert but guessing that to this style will happen the same as others, incoming good and bad stuff. In my case I listened sporadic times planet 1999 and hannah diamond PD: @xyrofen seems that you read my mind, you described pretty well the hyperpop culture, congrats!
  14. That's the issue, cause we only have two arms. Trying to produce your own shit live with gear is tricky, besides the mixer, 1 synth, 1 drum machine and a sampler could do the job, maybe enhaced with some daw. Imagine being dr. octopus full surrounded by machines..
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