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  1. That was really good! Nice melody & tone & didn't stray into BoC levels of RETRO (which can be good sometimes too of course). More please!
  2. @goDel Dunkel ist die Nacht!
  3. P O S I T I V I T Y Here's an old track for no good reason:
  4. These are really good @BaggerMcGuirk! Getting a Gunship feel as mentioned above. AND I LIKE IT!!! Elseworlds is excellent daaaaamn around 1.55!
  5. @Tricone RC 'sup dude! Thanks man!
  6. wtf guys? wtf? c'mon don't be shy!!!!! Just spam anything!
  7. Thanks dude! I think 4p0ll0 is probably the most successful effort so far. I'm also finding my way around Ableton. I'm liking CasualDibs a lot, definetly my vibe! Will keep listening through!!
  8. "we don't need to be so crass" have you read this forum...? Yup fair enough, though now I sound like the love child of Arnold & Eminiem. Let's work towrds a kinder posting. Thanks for the @ pointer @Joyrex, you've had that profile pic since at least 2007! What's happened though, this board is slooooooooow now? Kinda pissed off I paid up, I thought there would be lots more tracks being posted : (
  9. Gimme some music to listen to!!! Post one track, your best, your newest, whatever, pref <5mins & try & comment at least one descriptive word on all previous tracks. NO COMMENTS WITHOUT A TRACK!! Let's restart this graveyard!
  10. Adamovich lol. feckers. Salvatorin windowlicker whosebrian my mother IS DEAD YOU HEARTLESS BASTARD!!!! manmower Thanks man! I wanted the whole thing to sound a bit like a Casio keybaord demo gone wrong (though that's this whole site I guess). Here's a loop from last nite:
  11. Very nice! Book marked & will listen to at work tomorrow lol! Also hear you on getting-back-to-music-making. Your works really good, so definetly worth doubling-down on! What progs are you using?
  12. Thanks man! Good to be back. & stop being so fucking cryptic! whichgodamnrule?!?!? If it's the posts one, I'm working on it so chill ? Are my flies open? Is that it? no open flies....? Also one of the rules is "- Don't be a little bitch". Just saying.
  13. I thought I had - which one am I missing?
  14. x 2 more trax: &
  15. & a second track: C&C much appreciated!
  16. Nice - agree on the Autechre refs. Great stuff. Be interested on what you do with it! This is probably my favourite Autechre track: Might give the Geist demo a try!
  17. Holy shit things have changed on here - I had to pay to get in! This had better have a happy ending. FWIW I used to post as Hamsteizer around 2007. Then I twiddled my own knob so much little people came out & got in the way of everything. Worked my way back to it & I've progressed from Fruity Loops to Ableton! People are already comparing me to a modern-day Mozart, but I know I'm better than that. I'll post a couple of tracks here & then roam the forums & listen. Starting with an Aphex cover. Name that tune! ++ ok I figured out Scloud, link is here ++
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