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  1. I did. Randomly bought it while away with work in Texas, despite being from the UK. Pressing was pretty poor. Was just nice to have...I think I paid $30.
  2. Autecherian skittishness, female vocals... The 30 min version and the 7 min mix are solid. https://logicofthesignifier.bandcamp.com/album/word-murder
  3. I don't get how this is released on vinyl when there are so many amazing artists who seem to struggle to make minimums to produce that stuff...
  4. I feel like the 320kbps bootleg I replaced my old shitty 128kbps early 2000s download with has different versions of Flim and Logon Rock Witch now. Both are possibly a non-RDJ edit of the LP versions made to sound like a clearer copy of the MFM version and not the actual rips from the MFM tape...as I remember there being more differences. Am I right? I've not listened to them in quite a while, but feel like this is true.
  5. Not sure I ever finished, but I made artwork for most of those "Alternate" albums. ...and I still listen to those playlists. 🙂
  6. It's funny to me how they cheer after the first song and then it is just silent after. Were they bummed? Imagine being the first 100 people to ever hear Avril 14th. Or half the shit on that album. On a good sound system. It should have been mind blowing...
  7. Enjoying this album... Fall by Mücha
  8. Not at all. You don't own the music. You have a copy of the music he owns. It's not yours to do whatever you like with. However, licensing deals (For YouTube to make money from and pay the artist pennies) quite nicely allow a little creative freedom for the individual. That's pretty cool really because there was a minute where YouTube was taking down all sorts of stuff... 2-3 tips for figuring out what can be used without being removed or muted: - Check if the artist has a YouTube VEVO account. If they do, there is a large chance your video will be muted or removed on most platforms. - Search for the song you want to use on YouTube. If you find that others have uploaded it (So, a non artist/label run VEVO account) then it'll be fine to use. Best case, look in the description. If YouTube recognises the song, then that is a solid place to be as that means there is some sort of license in place so you can use it. If it doesn't recognise it, then cool...BUT...it just means there is no license in place, so it could be taken down at some point in the future if a label decides to pull away from YouTube. - Upload the song (with any video you like over the top) to YouTube and set it to unlisted. Leave it up for a few hours. That way the YT backend will do it's work and let you know if there is an issue before you've spent time shooting and editing. NOTE: YT telling you the video has copyright claims and cannot be monetised doesn't affect anything at all other that you not being able to make money on it. It'll still appear on YouTube and play just fine. Short Version: Do your thing. Don't worry about it. You wont get into trouble. Just read the notifications when you upload.
  9. All of his music is owned by himself and a publisher. YouTube have licenses in place so that artists music can be uploaded for 'personal use'. So, not for advertising your business or services (Although you can, but legally you'd open yourself up to potential trouble). It does get flagged on YouTube but only in a way where you cannot monetise your work because it isn't all your work. It is still playable, shareable and doesn't affect the standing of your account. I have no idea on Facebook, but if they don't have those same licences, it may get flagged as you say. You'd likely get a notification and be asked to remove it within x amount of time otherwise you'll get a strike on your account. I can't imagine it would be anything harsh if you comply with their takedown.
  10. Well, it worked. The Cornish Acid hat just went live and I copped one fast as I could.
  11. Best version, ever.
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