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  1. Best version, ever.
  2. https://www.instagram.com/p/CNQ4-SUDAT3/ Interesting. Wonder if it is true?
  3. DucksOpinion

    afx nft

    Ha Ha. thats great. Stoked for him.
  4. DucksOpinion

    afx nft

    I'm so lost. That seems like crazy money to be spending on anything; never-mind on a non-exclusive right to digital artwork.
  5. He seems to be really into it with repeat listens, no? I remember being really disappointed with it when I first got it. It actually took a long time for me to get into much beyond the prepared piano stuff...
  6. Was just about to post this old magazine off to someone when I thought I'd have a flick through... Turns out there is a Drukqs review in there. I thought it might be of some interest... I couldn't find a thread for this, so if there is one, please can you merge this in there?
  7. Whole series! It's called"Can't Get You Out Of My Head"
  8. Avril 14th and Rhubard in Ep 1 of the new Adam Curtis doc on BBC...
  9. I do this with video work. Will mainly shoot on the best format available, avoiding filters and plugins which claim to give a downgraded look. Once done, I'll run the entire thing through some sort of analogue process to get to where I need it to be...Far more authentic.
  10. https://archive.org/details/AphexTwinAllUser18081971SoundcloudTracks Under "download options" click the down arrow on the format you need. Should be a link to grab everything in one zip from there.
  11. Ended up here after looking through that insta: https://lannerchronicle.wordpress.com/2021/01/02/phlegm-ep-under-construction/ Nicely put together, but I wish that blog was searchable/organised in some way! Seems to only show you posts in most recent order...or am I missing something?
  12. It's a shame as it will never happen, but he needs an archivist. Someone to dig through all of the shit he has and just get down to it with info, etc. on all these random tracks and find those back stories.
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