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  1. https://archive.org/details/AphexTwinAllUser18081971SoundcloudTracks Under "download options" click the down arrow on the format you need. Should be a link to grab everything in one zip from there.
  2. Ended up here after looking through that insta: https://lannerchronicle.wordpress.com/2021/01/02/phlegm-ep-under-construction/ Nicely put together, but I wish that blog was searchable/organised in some way! Seems to only show you posts in most recent order...or am I missing something?
  3. It's a shame as it will never happen, but he needs an archivist. Someone to dig through all of the shit he has and just get down to it with info, etc. on all these random tracks and find those back stories.
  4. No you aren't. So sick when an album or song clicks and you get it. Whenever that is. The best thing is that from there, you can just own it. Heliosphan is incredible but in 2020 I am not going to listen to it 15 times a day. I wish I only just discovered it, to get that feeling back.
  5. Kinda feels like one person is going in a little hard on IDEM for no real reason other than to prove a point which he already made in his first response. All feels a bit 'internet 2006'. I'm sure things had moved along since then. Would have been nicer to have just read through some excited talk about the album in question rather than some sideman chatter akin to "my dads harder than your dad' but whatever. Now I am contributing to that. Great. PS. I wasn't that arsed about SAW 85-92 for a bit. Post RDJ it clicked...love it.
  6. When you talk about your friend, I feel like you could be talking about me...but I still can 100% get down with what you say. In fact, I am kind of envious. My listening in the past 15 years is vastly different compared to before that... Maybe it is time for a Walkman again.
  7. Yeah, it's not new...same as the mp3 I've had since July '17.
  8. My first Aphex album. For some reason, at the age of 17, I bought it on CD and vinyl. Glad I did... I used to work in the original CEX store (Computer Exchange as it was called, back then) where it was introduced to me by Charlie Brooker (of Black Mirror/Nathan Barley fame) who I worked with there for about 4 years. Most of the staff were into the album but Ventolin would always get one or two people moaning. We'd be super busy on a Saturday afternoon where all the staff would be locked in working with customers and I'd always use that chance to press "Repeat" and see how long it wou
  9. I don't believe this was ever on Soundcloud as part of the dump. It got added to the Aphex store as an extra to Come To Daddy and that was it...
  10. Re-release of SAW1? Isn't this one of god knows how many albums he's mentioned he is rereleasing in the past five years of the Soundcloud existing? Would be nice if something started to happen with any one of those...
  11. That shrink wrap is definitely just a layer slapped over the top in Photoshop as opposed to being a physical thing.
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