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  1. When you talk about your friend, I feel like you could be talking about me...but I still can 100% get down with what you say. In fact, I am kind of envious. My listening in the past 15 years is vastly different compared to before that... Maybe it is time for a Walkman again.
  2. Yeah, it's not new...same as the mp3 I've had since July '17.
  3. My first Aphex album. For some reason, at the age of 17, I bought it on CD and vinyl. Glad I did... I used to work in the original CEX store (Computer Exchange as it was called, back then) where it was introduced to me by Charlie Brooker (of Black Mirror/Nathan Barley fame) who I worked with there for about 4 years. Most of the staff were into the album but Ventolin would always get one or two people moaning. We'd be super busy on a Saturday afternoon where all the staff would be locked in working with customers and I'd always use that chance to press "Repeat" and see how long it would take for people to notice how long it had been on for. Sometimes you could get a full 20 minutes before someone would run the the CD player screaming at me. Great times. Alberto is on of the finest pieces of music ever written. Like the OP, whenever I revisit, it still sounds so fresh. Took me a few years to really notice the dates and realise it was written over several years. I remember making a MiniDisc version where the songs played chronologically...
  4. I don't believe this was ever on Soundcloud as part of the dump. It got added to the Aphex store as an extra to Come To Daddy and that was it...
  5. Re-release of SAW1? Isn't this one of god knows how many albums he's mentioned he is rereleasing in the past five years of the Soundcloud existing? Would be nice if something started to happen with any one of those...
  6. Has this even been posted? Went up a day ago...
  7. That shrink wrap is definitely just a layer slapped over the top in Photoshop as opposed to being a physical thing.
  8. Ah, yes. Never noticed that bit where you click to see replies. Nice one.
  9. I can't see that at all. Are you talking about the OP discogs link to the TP?
  10. Oh man...Vinyl has arrived. So happy. Sounds great on a proper system! Weirdly, the account on site has no link to digital files for me. ? Any ideas?
  11. All mine have - but sometimes the download doesnt appear for a few days...
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