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  1. Has this even been posted? Went up a day ago...
  2. That shrink wrap is definitely just a layer slapped over the top in Photoshop as opposed to being a physical thing.
  3. Ah, yes. Never noticed that bit where you click to see replies. Nice one.
  4. I can't see that at all. Are you talking about the OP discogs link to the TP?
  5. Oh man...Vinyl has arrived. So happy. Sounds great on a proper system! Weirdly, the account on site has no link to digital files for me. 😕 Any ideas?
  6. All mine have - but sometimes the download doesnt appear for a few days...
  7. Is a 50/50 deal standard? Either way, Warp do quite a lot - from pressing to distribution it is quite a task. Plus on top of that, they market the fuck out of stuff (Blimps, tube ads, instore visuals, music videos, etc). The Bleep store is just a smart move by Warp as with any brand selling direct to consumer...You get the markup which record stores would normally take. Maybe Rich does have a better deal than others but then he probably gives a lot of that leverage up as he does fuck all of the marketing side himself unlike other artists...No social presence, barely any interviews, etc. Wasn't there an interview with someone from Warp who was saying that he is a nightmare on that stuff as he just wants to make music and nothing else. Could be wrong...
  8. I had no intention of trying to be the smartest guy in the room...just sparking conversation.
  9. It kinda did get pressed... https://www.discogs.com/Aphex-Twin-London-14092019/release/14160194
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