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  1. I had no intention of trying to be the smartest guy in the room...just sparking conversation.
  2. It kinda did get pressed... https://www.discogs.com/Aphex-Twin-London-14092019/release/14160194
  3. Maybe is was just an early way of letting folk know it was a DJ set and not some madman squelching live.
  4. Kinda stoked people are looking that closely... Where would it fit better?
  5. Been a bit busy so haven't got around to the last few...I'll get more done ASAP but here is three newer ones for now.
  6. Yep - I went through developer tools...the ones for CT and RE are on there in a much higher resolution... ...and yes - I think it is the purple spray farmers use to mark their herd. My daughter found it daft, too. I actually started looking for types of sheep and narrowing down exactly which kind is on that Tuss release so I could replicate - but after 40 mins of searching for sheep, I realised I probably should get on with some work. #selfemployedlife
  7. Thems the ones...If you can find a decent resolution of that one looking left, can you grab it and share it? I could only find a little one on the site.
  8. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/hotw20uv0trkrj4/AADhACTXMDBeEpyn2Ajftg_ea?dl=0
  9. New version of The Tuss. Those images on the Aphex site are so tiny...at least, the one which hasn't been used. So, I had to find another guy...So, Wednesday evenings search history is an odd event to anyone looking in. I'll upload playlist files (not MP3s) tomorrow and if I get time, I might crack on with a few more... ..
  10. For sure, yeah...I won't be uploading any music. The songs are all out there, though - either through the Soundcloud dumps or on record/CD/bleepstore, etc. I think the only thing I've made myself is the Rubber Johnny mp3 which I split into two pieces after ripping from my DVD...just because I didn't want to listen to the intro all the time on headphones, really.
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