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  1. It kinda did get pressed... https://www.discogs.com/Aphex-Twin-London-14092019/release/14160194
  2. Maybe is was just an early way of letting folk know it was a DJ set and not some madman squelching live.
  3. Kinda stoked people are looking that closely... Where would it fit better?
  4. Been a bit busy so haven't got around to the last few...I'll get more done ASAP but here is three newer ones for now.
  5. Yep - I went through developer tools...the ones for CT and RE are on there in a much higher resolution... ...and yes - I think it is the purple spray farmers use to mark their herd. My daughter found it daft, too. I actually started looking for types of sheep and narrowing down exactly which kind is on that Tuss release so I could replicate - but after 40 mins of searching for sheep, I realised I probably should get on with some work. #selfemployedlife
  6. Thems the ones...If you can find a decent resolution of that one looking left, can you grab it and share it? I could only find a little one on the site.
  7. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/hotw20uv0trkrj4/AADhACTXMDBeEpyn2Ajftg_ea?dl=0
  8. New version of The Tuss. Those images on the Aphex site are so tiny...at least, the one which hasn't been used. So, I had to find another guy...So, Wednesday evenings search history is an odd event to anyone looking in. I'll upload playlist files (not MP3s) tomorrow and if I get time, I might crack on with a few more... ..
  9. For sure, yeah...I won't be uploading any music. The songs are all out there, though - either through the Soundcloud dumps or on record/CD/bleepstore, etc. I think the only thing I've made myself is the Rubber Johnny mp3 which I split into two pieces after ripping from my DVD...just because I didn't want to listen to the intro all the time on headphones, really.
  10. Amazing. Thank you! I could put a dropbox with the M3U files, I guess? You'd need to point them to the song, but at least you'd have the playlists.. thank you. I'm having some fun with it...been a while since I've done much so I'm kinda relearning...tickling parts of the brain which haven't been tickled in a while.
  11. Thank you. I've been doing just that...Loads of fun. Posted them here.
  12. Due to massive demand...Syro (Alt.) heh heh
  13. Classics (Alt.) Melodies From Mars (Alt.) (Total rip off from James Talon) Bradley's Discography More Mixes For Cash Tuss - Analord Rushup. I'll probably redo this and replace the Ram. Kinda weird to just use the same photo but then again, both Tuss releases have had the same Ram on there. If only I could find a third photo of that guy. Universal Indicator Alternate Lords (Okay, this isn't soundcloud dump stuff...but quite a lot of it is the extra web-only tracks) Hangable Auto Bulb (Alt.) SyroBonkers! (This is just kinda the leftover noise tracks and stuff which doesn't really fit anywhere).
  14. Drukqs Sessions I struggled a bit with this... I created this one first, taking from the 2 track promo in that it is a really simple black sleeve and incorporates some of the elements on the CD/vinyl label which didn't really appear on the photo based outer artwork: But...just kinda wasn't completely happy with it. So, did this one which edges ever closer to the promo cover: ...and then finally this one, which I think is the best version as it draws from both the promo and the final LP.
  15. Unfinished right now, but I've been trying to curate these playlists to make the Soundcloud dump and the random tracks fit together in a little more of a cohesive way. I feel like there are certain tracks which have escaped me from the dump and didn't get the airtime they deserved (Probably because I had Heliosphan Live on loop for months). I've tried to divide them as if they were album re-releases with extras or similar...just so they potentially could feel like part of the overall discography. ...and then I started to create artwork for them a couple of days ago. As the playlists were inspired by albums and eras, I felt the artwork should be, too. I'll post the low res here, but if anyone wants higher res versions just let me know and where possible, I'll share. I'm still missing a few artworks. I'll probably get a couple more done today. Just depends on how busy work is... Selected Ambient Works 85-92 (Alt.) Selected Ambient Works 1.5 Selected Ambient Works II (Alt.) ...I Care Because You Do (Alt.) Richard D. James (Alt.)
  16. I have been meaning for years to put together playlists for the Soundcloud dump...This thread got me inspired to finally get started. I've tried to break the dump down into alternate versions of released albums and EPs, although I've had to loosen structure here and there (e.g. lumping AB tunes together or making Joyrex and Rephlex "albums") as I felt it helped continue to break things into more manageable/listenable lengths. I've included some compilation tracks and non-Soundcloud bonus tracks, too...again, just to round stuff out and make the experience more listenable. The playlist which I think needs work mainly is the ICBYD... (Alt) one as it is just too long. I am going to try to find different homes for a few and then likely split it into "ICBYD... (Alt) [Disc 1]" and "ICBYD... (Alt) [Disc 2]" Any thoughts on that, appreciated! In fact, any thoughts on any of this is appreciated...there are probably some songs stuck in the wrong playlist but only repeat listening will get me figuring that. Finally, this doesn't include a lot of the SyroBonkers type noise tracks...I've bunged them into an another playlist but to be honest, I'm just not that into them so even though it runs at 2hr45min, I'm fine... Here is where I am at:
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