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  1. This is fantastic. Multiple contenders on here for the shortlist of Tracks of the Year. Dark basement dank sex jams. Also, to hell with the dissenters, “Too Many Voices” is a beautiful record. I like it as much as some of the older albums.
  2. Microtonal madness! Rrose is one of the few living legends in this world where the dancefloor meets true avantgardism.
  3. For the drone and ambient heads. Fans of Turk Dietrich's Belong album "October Language" should check out this new work. Also evocative of composer/minimalist artists like Terry Riley, some of Tim Hecker's newer work, or, in some moments, William Basinski.
  4. https://boomkat.com/products/propulsion-bf9dc5c7-59c9-46a0-bbda-b27ed9120d40 Judging by the samples this one might be of interest to the late 90's Autechre heads.
  5. Holy shit, when Steve is on he is really fucking on. "Strands": was a favorite of mine and this might surpass it!
  6. This is fantastic and very much appreciated. Deep. Thanks!
  7. I think it's a mix of Coil's - "Where Even The Darkness Is Something To See" and Coil's track "Further"?
  8. Second Woman. I was introduced to them via some of those Aphex Twin setlists last year. They definitely have some of the skewed math rhythms of Ae, but also they feel like a distant cousin to the computer music of SND and the dub of Rhythm & Sound. While it is evocative of that stuff to a degree, it still sounds very modern by pushing a lot of those ideas into new territories. My favorite electronic artist to emerge in the past five years. This is the track I first heard in an Aphex set:
  9. Maybe he took some ideas from some old tapes and retooled them. That’s the most credit I can give it. Bedroom Tapes was made in the modern day and listening to Offworld debunks the idea of it being found material. It’s not even a question.
  10. A more thorough tracklist going here but it’s still missing a ton of stuff: https://www.mixesdb.com/w/2019-10-13_-_Autechre_-_Mixlr
  11. I like the album. That being said it uses a ton of the same percussive and synth sounds as Bedroom Tapes. It also has the same fat and chunky production sound which brings into question the sell that Bedroom Tapes was all old songs from the late 90’s. These two albums sound like they were created in the same time period.
  12. I'm excited for this one. His post-Sandwell releases have been mostly stellar.
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