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  1. Mozex, have you read the first post in the pinned thread to this section of WATMM? !!!! Read before starting a new thread !!!!
  2. Let's be fair: I used an American English expression. Sometimes, people will say something sounds rushed. They are describing the sound itself, not how the sound was made. I did not mean that you rushed in its production. I meant that the way the track plays out had a certain effect.
  3. It reminds me of sci-fi/horror films from the 1980s.
  4. Good production quality. Let's start with 0:25 into the piece: You introduce a synth line and some drum-hit patterns all at the same time. You have a promising bass-and-synth harmony going on, but it still feels rushed. Since it sounds like it is going somewhere, and you do not go anywhere else theme-wise with this piece, go slower into its build-up. That would give the piece greater impact. As to how this piece compares with prior pieces, I would repeat what I wrote before this comment.
  5. An edgier, noisier Autechre sound overall, from my listening experience. Sometimes sounding like a noisier "Draft 7.30" track or a noisier "Gantz Graf" track. Definitely not smooth-sounding. Also, eczem is not moving from theme-to-theme in a single track as Autechre oftentimes does, and stays on a single theme and explores the different noise combinations within that theme. Nice job overall.
  6. Still in the process of familiarizing myself with FL Studio 20's library of drums, synths, and effects. I uploaded this one last night... This next one was from about two years ago with Cool Edit Pro 2, in case any of you have not heard it yet... … so, if there is a neat idea anyone would like me to try out, feel free to let me know.
  7. This thread will be for my Soundcloud uploads. The tracks uploaded will all be finished. If anybody has any ideas they would like me to try out, I am open to suggestions (within reason, of course). I made this about a day ago...
  8. Not my cup of tea, but much better composed than the ones before. "Mozex - Happy Tune" does not sound like sonic copypasta. You are on your way now, for sure.
  9. Mozex, the copying and pasting of a drum loop over a whole piece like this is what makes it sound less than it could have. Instead of working with drum loops, try your hand at a drum machine, or work with individual drum hits, so you can control what parts of the drum line to vary throughout the piece. If you can compose a melody, then you should be able to compose a drum line. Otherwise, if you wrote the synth lines yourself and have no desire trying anything else, then I would recommend dropping out percussion altogether, and just write abstract, ambient pieces. Now, if you didn't write the synth lines yourself, and they were just synth loop samples as well, then... that would have been some epic trolling on the WATMM.
  10. Why does anyone care what drum patterns anyone uses? As long as the composition is well-designed, it will not matter. "Mozex - Ephesians 4:26-32" has plenty of melodic action, and reverberated bass. The drum parts could be broken up a bit, though. It has the feel of a montage. No special drum-pattern work necessary here: Simply vary when the different drum parts come in and out of the piece, and that would give the piece enough emotion to not sound like a montage. However, if the goal was to create a montage, then this will do the job.
  11. The classic sounds on display... A combination of flanged and resampled breakbeat lines in "RTR - Acygx1", with slight reverb to the TB-303 line. Somewhere between The Tuss and Aphex Twin's "Drukqs". That stretched snare in "RTR - Planetx" is akin to the one in "DJ Pierre - Box Energy (Remix by AFX)", and the pace of the former is like the latter as well. Not as diverse or wild as AFX's, though. The string pad in "RTR - Reward" sounds almost identical to the one used in "Seefeel - Time to Find Me (AFX Fast Mix)". The delay in the former is faster than the delay in the latter. Slight reverb again on the TB-303 line.
  12. It's got an East Asian vibe to it. The filtered drum hit sequence is nice. One can hear, especially from 2:23 to the end, similarity in pad sounds with those used in tracks from The Tuss. Needs a synth line to top it off. To pull that off, it needs a little bit more length in the track.
  13. Not bad. The effects and bass reminds me of Autechre's "Draft 7.30", not any track in particular though. Nice pitch-bend down at the end. More pitch-bending for more sonic variety.
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