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  1. Thanks Fluktr. I get the Qebrus comparison now (there are moments of similarity), and that is a good sign, I think. I actually only found out about Qebrus after Aphex Twin played my "Emotional Sickness" remix in October 2018. Here is a mix I made for KMAH radio that aired about a week ago...
  2. Getting more ambient with these two... Been getting into more techniques with Photoshop, not just doing collages only. Although, collages are still fun to do, I have been exploring the recently added 3D effects to Photoshop and incorporating some of them into my image-editing.
  3. Harmless is amazing, too. "Harmless Default" is my second Harmless track. More of those coming in near future...
  4. Thanks Stickfigger, BCM, TheBro, acid1, and Drum Up... for feedback so far. The FL Studio tracks are each made using instances of a single kind of synth. So, for example, "Harmor Default" was made with three instances of the Harmor synth on the "Default" preset, and nothing else. There is so much that one can do with these synths, and some of them come with a whole library of presets... There will be more coming as the days go by here, so...
  5. Haha. An arpeggio experiment with Harmor... This reminds me of another arpeggio piece I did with GMS, but there were so many arpeggios at once, with sliding, one might not be able to tell...
  6. I just found Harmor... Maybe some members might remember these from some recent Aphex Twin shows...
  7. Mozex, have you read the first post in the pinned thread to this section of WATMM? !!!! Read before starting a new thread !!!!
  8. Let's be fair: I used an American English expression. Sometimes, people will say something sounds rushed. They are describing the sound itself, not how the sound was made. I did not mean that you rushed in its production. I meant that the way the track plays out had a certain effect.
  9. Good production quality. Let's start with 0:25 into the piece: You introduce a synth line and some drum-hit patterns all at the same time. You have a promising bass-and-synth harmony going on, but it still feels rushed. Since it sounds like it is going somewhere, and you do not go anywhere else theme-wise with this piece, go slower into its build-up. That would give the piece greater impact. As to how this piece compares with prior pieces, I would repeat what I wrote before this comment.
  10. An edgier, noisier Autechre sound overall, from my listening experience. Sometimes sounding like a noisier "Draft 7.30" track or a noisier "Gantz Graf" track. Definitely not smooth-sounding. Also, eczem is not moving from theme-to-theme in a single track as Autechre oftentimes does, and stays on a single theme and explores the different noise combinations within that theme. Nice job overall.
  11. Still in the process of familiarizing myself with FL Studio 20's library of drums, synths, and effects. I uploaded this one last night... This next one was from about two years ago with Cool Edit Pro 2, in case any of you have not heard it yet... … so, if there is a neat idea anyone would like me to try out, feel free to let me know.
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