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  1. I'm not an expert, but I am very particular. Basically all of these tracks have something that stands out to me, like an odd sound structure, a quirkiness, or a particularly apt melody. If this might be your thing, feel free.
  2. I made an italo disco playlist. I'm not an expert, but I am very particular.
  3. I was only really annoyed by the music that wasn't period specific, although the concept of not having period-specific music is fine with me, I didn't like the choices. Same goes for Hateful Eight. I also didn't think QT playing a cowboy was good. Took me out of the mythology a bit, because that dude does not look much like a cowboy no matter how you dress him. Other than that, I think all of the movies are great, although I did dismiss them before seeing them for some years. It's sort of advertised as cheesy, but Django Unchained was a good story, much less cheesy than the trailer for it, for what it's worth.
  4. My favorites: Scatology Horse Rotorvator Musick To Play In The Dark 1 & 2 Time Machines (excellent drone, if you're into that) The Ape of Naples Love's Secret Domain is an essential too.
  5. For some reason I never kept up with them after this one. The W is pretty good. Will be catching up to everything after shortly...
  6. https://www.discogs.com/seller/NOPARTOFIT/profile
  7. Decent newer snotty punk, not anything new, but with all the right points of reference.
  8. I'm mostly adding download codes that people have given me lately, because I have to save money, but otherwise I like to think I got good taste....... ... https://bandcamp.com/nopartofit
  9. I'm not usually a fan of live albums, but honestly, PUBLIC CASTRATION IS A GOOD IDEA is the best of their louder early material. By far.
  10. I wrote a little article about conspiracy theories in the music business, and also mention the conspiracy theories that I believe, which are PEDOGATE, and I'm not sure I will ever believe that JFK was killed by Oswald. https://arvozylo.medium.com/conspiracy-fatigue-c4b941596d02
  11. I am trying so hard to be happy with my original CD pressing! It is hard!!! I love the art... but times are tight... I also have that $70 poster in storage, still in plastic. I think I bought it for $50 some years ago.
  12. Gonna write about Lady Gaga tomorrow! Honestly, I got to a point where I realized I'm giving a lot of free content to facebook, so I decided to write articles instead. But I will follow this discussion whether people read the article or not. I've actually grown to like some of Curry's music, and find him somewhat fascinating.
  13. I may have found work from home, I start today, but I'm not positive it is not a scam of some sort. If it's not a scam, it's still part time, but it would be an excellent job. Seems too good to be true, but still looking for more work. Don't have a degree, don't know excel, can't really do sales. Wishing for more work from home options, like stuffing envelopes or something. Apparently my wpm is only 70. Can't seem to find transcription work that isn't for pennies. Etc.
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