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  1. Proper Knees Reformatted Fish Stick Pant House Made Some Toast Darkest Secret About Bees Code Name: Glue Trap Walrus Man Jujubes Also Conrad Buttass Issue Number Twos
  2. Kaney Yeast Nipple Safe Word DJ Sacks Solo
  3. Her name was Bev or Deb or Barb or Francine Maryanne Steinhouse McNaulty. But also June. I felt her glare yet dismissed my automatic fear response. She spoke in tongues and profanities and gang signs. I changed direction and offered her pineapple chunks straight out the plastic tray. “These chunks” ”Yeah, what about it?” ”They’re made for eat” And just like that, she blinked a dozen times in a second or two. She ran a mime comb through a ghost head of hair. She spit once to her left and finger gun shot at an invisible foe off in the distance. “Wheat affects me in the pancreas. But not my pancreas. Beyond any of this, I’d rather not say” A decade later, she hasn’t said another word about it. Nor about the storm. Nobody will discuss the storm.
  4. I watched The Mandolorian twice, pooped once.
  5. Deniro was not in Mr Mom. And DePalma did not direct Mr Mom. Mr. Mom was never called Hi Mom. Where’s Teri Garr?
  6. It’s one of their more boring tracks imo. But boring boc is far from terrible. Old threads are fascinating. What will fifty year old threads be like to bump?
  7. So stoned was trying to figure out why Lenny Kravitz can’t wear cornrows
  8. Also where’s the diversity in the sub forums? No women. Minorities? LGBTQ? Cancel the sub forums. Cancel Lenny Kravitz and cancel Watmm
  9. This is actually opposite of pointless but an observation I have been having lately is that the older I get, the less ok I am with my ultimate and inevitable death. I feel like this should be trending opposite which would seem to be in line with most people as they grow older in that they generally are more comfortable with their mortality than the younger folk. Can’t even age properly. Fuck
  10. Just watched this last night ! Trippy because I entered thread to reply the same. Trippier because last night I googled Innerspace 2 as a lark and because the movie ends with a gratuitous sequel setup and was a successful movie so why there wasn’t a sequel never made much sense. Turns out, Mandela Effect has loads of peoples who recall the sequel. What have we done? Also to be completely up front and honest, my last shit was way more Innerspace 1
  11. Apologies for the misinterpretation or misread. However, I would challenge the notion everything is getting worse. From certain perspectives and metrics, things have never been better. Not to minimize how shit certain things are (climate change, trump style leadership/personalities in charge, nukes, whatever) but cumulatively we all should feel blessed compared to past generations. And if not, then maybe an existential case can be made that it’s all pointless. But that’s dangerous and irresponsible. I empathize with the sentiment though, truly
  12. My only brother killed himself at age 36. My emotions run the gamut from hating him for it, to wanting to emulate him. It’s insanely complicated. But there are two huge reasons I would never. As another poster mentioned, anything is possible and I really want to see as much unfold as possible before I expire naturally. It’s a short fucking life anyway. And secondly, the pain I feel from his suicide is nothing compared to the pain our father feels, or his mother (half brother). Or his wife. Most all of us have someone or some people who would be ripped to fucking shreds by our suicide. I’ve endured a taste of that and witnessed it full on in loved ones. If my brother was still alive, a lot of people would be infinitely better off. Suicide is rarely a victimless act. I honestly don’t think my brother could ever fathom how much his suicide would have affected his loved ones and I’m convinced he wouldn’t have done it if he had had any clue.
  13. I do genuinely love some of BoC, some of RDJ and a little Autechre. However, half of all BoC is boring, half of RDJ is nonsense, and Autechre can veer ridiculously pretentious at times. I’ve also ignored Squarepusher forever mostly, after not liking anything of his after a cursory listen but also admittedly not ever giving it much of a chance. I listen to Vaporware and IDM about equal. I used to enjoy Paradinas but, my God, that was almost the 90s
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