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  1. Started playing Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice. Is good.
  2. What airline are you flying with, the Luftwaffe?
  3. Lack of Oxygen at Birth Can Cause Long-Term Effects for Babies
  4. You're talking so much bollocks it's probably pornographic.
  5. You're a war criminal, and I will see to it that you're hanged.
  6. I have been given some information from a very reliable source that this is actually a Belgian watmmer. THE PLOT THICKENS.
  7. I put as much effort into my post as whoever made this shite put into the music.
  8. This is THE shitiest afx clone in a while. Ouch. We have come across an artist so shit that we are quoting people on here now... Imagine that. Outdives (another shitty AFX clone) is another shit ep by whoever made it......IMO.
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