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  1. Fucking OCD will probably make me delete this out of compulsion later. but all the frustration, anger and fear I have with this country's constant, disgusting shit really brings me down and gets to me. this is human lives's rights being taken away. fucking abysmal and barbaric.
  2. I agree. Yet I feel an 8/10 on it. Something about the stuff they did for the rest of the 00s is more interesting, prettier and fun. It's why I'm so invested and love Spokes and Greedy Baby, makes me wonder what they would've went if they kept going down that route. The less is more approach to later albums like Scintilli and Reachy Prints are fantastic too though. I'm always not sure whether I think Double Figure or Digging Remedy are my least favorites, still great albums, but the sound either feels a bit samey (Digging Remedy) or the songs don't completely impress me (Double Figure)
  3. "idm is dad rock now", said website that reviews very little and mostly gives it poor ratings idm is such an unfortunate name for music that's just experimental electronic and techno and has more styles of electronic used in it's production. I think because of the name it's given it really has a lot of artists being straight up ignored.
  4. Trying to get a Plaid one going. the plaid reddit is hoping too.
  5. pitchfork doesn't love any idm music. aren't they the same one that was like "yeah 85-92 is the judge of everything to come after' or whatever.
  6. perfect way of explaining it! I'm on the spectrum and deal with massive OCD, tourettes but still engage in neurotypical behaviors. It's cool seeing Sean be a relatable person in a way and just how awesome he is as a person and a musician.
  7. Sean I hope you check out Der Wunschpunsch pls
  8. Thoughs on the Tao EP? That was my first introduction to Donato. Fantastic ep. Same with the 12.5H LP.
  9. Due to the hype surrounding Kate Bush's Running up That Hill (gen z, you-you really never heard it in your lives? I've heard it many times on the radio, in old films, out in public, come on...), I wanted to confess I prefer the Placebo cover of it. Kate Bush's other songs are better as well.
  10. sean do you think boc will rerelease one of their old eps as a remaster?
  11. i'd get some bdubs with sean ngl
  12. "Have you ever heard of Der Wunschpunsch? NO, and NO, it don't matter you put a troll face cause I can't be trolled by something I don't understand" - Sean, 2022

    1. X4creek


      i wish he answered your Plaid question tbh

    2. President Squidward

      President Squidward

      agreed, dream collab tbh

  13. lmao i stunned him with my awful questions. I'll shut up now
  14. sean pulled an uncle murda on us rn that wisp diss was savage even if i disagree with it lmao
  15. fuck it. i'm bored waiting for ressurection sunday on 91x in an hour. i'll say hello to sean pls
  16. haha that's how I felt with the debut. I should probably relisten to it, don't remember any of it outside of tracks like A New Error. Interesting too since from what I've heard from Apparat and Modeselektor by themselves, they make great tunes, but Moderat never won me over really.
  17. idk I thought taking a pic in Coronado with my mom two weeks ago in San Diego was pretty
  18. I wasted $1,000 on fl studio and plugins months ago, and I still don't know what I'm doing. lol

  19. for me, it's the polestar 2. such a badass vehicle. lucid air is nice too. i got a hot wheel of it since i can't drive or afford one.
  20. ed and andy should do a watmm q&a PLS
  21. Okay so I track this website called XMplaylist out of boredom where you can see what all the stations play in the past 2 months, and out of nowhere I just search artists and then this happened: Imagine you're driving cross-country, listening to Siriusxm for some reason, and out of nowhere, you're half asleep on the wheel, then a Brothomstates debut cut appears on your radio dial out of fucking nowhere, on the same station that plays... *checks notes* DJ Snake and generic edm youtube-core songs.
  22. Update: at least they're doing a block party weekend of 3-4 songs of one artists so I'll see some songs not get played at all anymore again. Only for this memorial day weekend though. Listening in haha
  23. I got back into alternative radio listening and tracking in the past year after not being interested for a few years. I'm San Diegan so I always loved and admired 91X and been a loyal listener through thick and thin, got hyped in February when they did this "best of" event of their entire library from A to Z for 9 days, before wrapping it up the next day announcing a return to their roots (pretty much showcasing new and old discoveries while playing their entire catalogue that IS quite massive looking at top 91, FTW new music show, loudspeaker (a local artist show) and wayback machine archives. Thousands and thousands of indie/alt tunes they can be playing to really feel like how 91X is supposed to be compared to some Audacy owned station they mock that plays the same 20-100 songs a day then move on to another 20-100 songs. Instead I found out in the news article on another website a couple months later that they're actually just becoming a classic alternative station, which sounds cool as first as you look at what they play throughout the day, but then going through a whole months of archives (I track here.), it gets very very repetitive with the same 500-600 songs the past few months since that amazing XYZ event that had over 2,000 songs played (and that's probably only a total of 20-25% of their entire library since 1983. They mostly play the same 80s-90s new wave/alt/post punk/grunge/whatever hits with a few 2000s and 2010s (and the 2010s choices they choose out of all the cool stuff they did play in the 10s that wasn't Imagine Dragons are just "S.O.B." by Nathianel Rateliff and the Night Sweats, The Black Keys and FUCKING Little Lion Man by Mumford and Sons), with some good music discoveries for 2022 (I've counted 66 new songs played so far this year they will repeat and shuffle every hour or so), but even then it just shows the variety thing they promised on their live announcement compared to the news article saying something else is just a kick in the side, I don't get why gen X audiences would want them to be even more repetitive than they were before the switchup. What made 91X fantastic was the variety of older djs like Halloran who left the station in 2017, which is ironic is the music directors right now (Hilary and Garett), worked with Halloran a lot and worked with him back when 94.9 was the good station in the 00s while 91X was mediocre and corporate by the time. It's just so bizarre to me that they clearly have the freedom to play stuff being their own local independant company with a couple other San Diego stations, but don't really do anything with it outside of Sundays (ressurection Sunday playing a lot of 80s/90s deepcuts like the old days of the station, I've gotten my requests played on there many times the past two months, Church of Bob (reggae stuff like Marley), Loudspeaker (3 hours of local bands) and FTW new music show (new music at 11pm-12AM where a lot of the cool artists like Black Midi or Parquet Courts get played for new music but never again sadly), but then for the rest of the week go back to their small fraction of a huge catalogue. I've actually contacted them and been digging for old stuff and they've gave me kind responses and wanted to know more about me, but so far I haven't seen a shakeup and don't want to be annoying (though Halloran back in the day before getting a job in the radio business would call up a lot about repetitivety on his old Detroit stations in the late 70s till they told him to fuck off and learn the radio business by going to school for it, which he did and is hailed as a 91X/94.9 legend for being varied with his playlists and an overall great personality), so I'm not too annoying and don't want to be. 😛 It's just a bit sad seeing a station that had a good variety of new music but just had problems being repetitive with old songs instead of switching it up, promise to do so but instead has just been repetitive with old songs with no deep cuts outside of shows I mentioned above. And NOW this past week I think they let go of the FTW and Loudspeaker host Tim Pyles, as Loudspeaker had no host this Sunday and FTW didn't show up AT ALL. Which concerns me but I can't tell if it's because of my suggestions of playing new music more outside of a late night show or because I sent them a lot of new 2022 songs I'd love to see them put into their rotation, or if they fired him for no reason other than to go more classic. And apparently up in Los Angeles, the once mighty KROQ, now owned by Audacy is getting an old legend hired for programming again and may oversee some other stations, which could be successful if a soulless corporate company like Audacy gives him freedom. 91X ain't doing too bad in ratings (better than 94.9, Ressurection Sundays itself gets #1 in all of San Diego show ratings on Sundays), but I really think giving variety to both old and new alternative type music is better than just spinning old stuff like I'm listening to a repetitive station like Sunny 98.1. It's pretty boring so far. I don't see it lasting long as a format unless they decided to become more varied like the old days. They got something going with the Sunday shows and the new music choices they've done (no Imagine Dragons or Machine Gun Kelly, nice!), so capitalize on it for the people who like listening to radio instead of streaming too much or are just old school like me.
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