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  1. on discord i have some friends who are disappointed meanwhile this is what i wanted autechre to sound like. oversteps, but even better.
  2. https://filabraz.bandcamp.com/album/from-the-dats Fila Brazillia returns with some rare and unreleased tracks from 1995-2002.
  3. if LFO was removed from the track LFO, would it be titled "The Track With No Name"?
  4. another great track from my man. i feel ya'll kinda too mean with him (though at least it isn't the Human Energy topic, that's an L from me)
  5. even if a track preview comes out i can't spoil myself tbh
  6. i hope we get a single with a video featuring weird cgi talking cats and an edm drop in the tune
  7. just woke up to the news. absolutely gorgeous album art. looking forward to a potential album of the year
  8. understandable. i never minded and i enjoyed lantern a little bit more, though butter is his best album
  9. uh oh this topic isn't "hot" anymore. quick, bring in some album release date theories in the vein of BoC!
  10. Just heard both B.B.H.E. and Poom Gems. They're both good, if not a bit underwhelming for me. I'm glad that Hudson Mohawke is the type of artist who loves releasing unreleased cuts, I wish more of my favorites did that 😞 Solesaft is the highlight of this imo
  11. why does it look like rob has witnessed a bruh moment
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