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  1. lol here's how I currently feel Scintilli > Greedy Baby > Spokes > Rest Proof Clockwork > Polymer > Reachy Prints > The Digging Remedy > Not For Threes > Trainer > Double Figure > Tekkonkinkreet > Heaven's Door though, again, that's just pretty much ranking 10/10 to 7/10
  2. This song is Plaid's longest, but also one of their greatest songs ever. I know I love all Plaid songs, but this song is definitely top 5 for me. Some of their prettiest sounds ever and the progression is fantastic. It makes me miss Spokes and Greedy Baby era, some of their greatest work yet. Essential IDM track.
  3. I don't know, they may not be as popular as Boards Of Canada, 90s Aphex Twin and *shudders*... Tycho, but they still have a big following, and a lot of love from people outside of the IDM community. Maybe the stuff around the 2000s is where it gets complicated for some regular people, but even then, it's very well received and listened to by many. I could go all day about how Plaid seems to be more difficult for people to like. It's like they're subtle with how they make their music. You like some stuff, find the rest boring, then later on it all clicks.
  4. New Tstewert is definitely one I'm looking forward to. Plaid will also drop the IDM album of the year, Brothomstates will hopefully return and Boards of Canada will remaster not only Hi Scores, but Twoism as well.
  5. Hey it's been awhile, I never renewed my subscription and I've been having a bad year OCD wise, especially on social media. I hope everyone's doing well

  6. on discord i have some friends who are disappointed meanwhile this is what i wanted autechre to sound like. oversteps, but even better.
  7. https://filabraz.bandcamp.com/album/from-the-dats Fila Brazillia returns with some rare and unreleased tracks from 1995-2002.
  8. if LFO was removed from the track LFO, would it be titled "The Track With No Name"?
  9. another great track from my man. i feel ya'll kinda too mean with him (though at least it isn't the Human Energy topic, that's an L from me)
  10. even if a track preview comes out i can't spoil myself tbh
  11. i hope we get a single with a video featuring weird cgi talking cats and an edm drop in the tune
  12. just woke up to the news. absolutely gorgeous album art. looking forward to a potential album of the year
  13. understandable. i never minded and i enjoyed lantern a little bit more, though butter is his best album
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