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  1. I'm a year late, but I agree. Foley Room has some of his greatest tunes, and ISAM I might've been too harsh on first listen, but a bit too messy for me. Kitty Cat is a bop tho
  2. I liked Body Riddle's sound but not enough to find it relistenable, maybe I need to give it a chance. Just came and went to my ears. Good complex sound but nothing catchy to me. Doesn't help that Clark's albums lack coherence to me 😛
  3. probably dad-rock to like, the idm community itself. they seem to being doing well since they have plenty of amazing artists to my ears and to the general public and constantly have acclaimed artists drop acclaimed albums every year.
  4. I know Plaid had about 300,000 during the release of Polymer. Now it's about 191,000, though I'm sure for people outside of the heavy IDM fanbase, people might feel the later Autechre stuff is too much for them maybe, since I know on here more people are into Autechre than Plaid. Clark has a lot of well known tracks on spotify as well.
  5. 6 weeks later, and Steve Cobby (one half of Fila Brazillia) blesses us with ANOTHER LP https://stevecobby.bandcamp.com/album/nostalgia-intensa
  6. None of the music seems shit to me tbh but I guess it's all about different tastes. I like all the newer acts I've heard and I think Yves Tumor and Grizzly Bear have potential.
  7. Warp expanding their brand bad Warp dead to me
  8. god my severe ocd thoughts are getting in the way of liking posts lately but i gotta say i agree. Warp still has lots of cool artists and stuff going on. They still respect where they started a lot but they've just grown outside of IDM for experimental genres. I do agree we need a couple new IDM-techno type peeps signed though.
  9. man i could go for some local pizza place right now. curse you coronavirus
  10. let's all chill about when BoC is releasing a new album and focus on why plaid's scintilli/polymer eps aren't out yet
  11. This is their best remix this year. Gives me Scintilli vibes
  12. Never have I seen true swag then this image. I want that coat.
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