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  1. I'm not even sure. I've always wanted to travel and explore many many countries and different continents. I always loved learning about other cultures and languages. I've always had a fear of riding in a plane (I suffer with seizures and stuff from a rare muscle stiffness disorder i have, and I worry if I'm in a plane it'll act up). I really do hate how the United States is lead, but I feel corrupt governments full of greedy, disgusting people who gain supporters brainwashed with a certain idology that causes some to go against each other while the higher ups probably laugh at how they're maniuplating their citizens is a thing every countries governments's deal with. I can't think of a decent politician that exists in the world. It's why I've always been anti-government and anti-war. Though I do like Bernie a bit, probably one of the most decents but other than that. But so much complex issues in this world that overwhelms me and makes me sad of how the world's always been like this, especially with injustice racially and stuff. I wish humans didn't do this to others for absolutely no reason. Outside of politics, I'm still not sure, lots of pretty areas around the world, and climates as well. Perhaps somewhere like Japan would be cool to live in, or maybe somewhere in Europe. Always wanted to visit South America also to see if there's any places I'd live in. I may stay in California in the future for an animation career, but it's hella expensive and the climate I'm not too big on. I'm a rainy/snow kind of guy, which Southern California doesn't get really, but I love being around the beaches, mountains, desert, lots to do. It's pretty hard to decide since there's so much cool things in the world that I've never seen and would love to experience one day.
  2. Interesting. I always wondered what people really like about Plaid the most, since I've seen people complain when Plaid is too much of the same most of the time, and going back to a sound of old, like some negative reviews I've seen for Scintilli. It's so confusing lmao. I've always loved Plaid in their most experimental, but even then I would love more albums like Reachy Prints, which nails the minimal approach they were going for so well.
  3. It's a battle between that and Rest Proof Clockwork as favorites. Spokes seems to be overlooked due to Double Figure, no one really seems to mention Spokes in their discography outside a few people. Even Rateyourmusic is quiet on it compared to some of their other releases.
  4. Definitely undertstandable. Makes sense why Plaid is one of those groups that seem that has fans, but in the IDM fandom they're not as adored as the other Warp labelmates. I think me, ThePlaided and a few others on here are the fanboys of the smaller Plaid fandom XP
  5. True. Their sound seems to be much more subtle but also sounds very accessible in the IDM genre. Plaid has shown cool instances of experimenting (like with some hip hop-type stuff on Rest Proof, making their most complex album Spokes, Greedy Baby has some of their coolest work imo), but they've always sounded like themselves in general. It's very great music but I would love to see some more experimentation a bit here and there. What's very interesting is the fact each album you can tell their sound evolving a bit, especially if you compare their first few albums with their 2010's work, while still having structures and touches in sound design that are Plaid. Very strange duo with how they make their music. It's also weird that their unreleased/rare tracks that never made it to albums seem to be some of their coolest work to date (just listen to the midnight snacks mix they did in 2012, some very cool shit in there): https://soundcloud.com/titsacid/plaid-fuzzy-unreleased-bits
  6. idk i saw the clark haters thread and now this made me want to make the topic to anyone who isn't a fan plaid *may not* blow your face off much but they sure are pretty tho
  7. For me, I like it better due to feeling more like what Luke is good at doing it. I don't know why, but the last two felt a bit like a bare minimum of the good stuff he can do, the samples were fun but kinda felt odd at points (Beef's production in general is strange and is definitely one of his not as well executed tracks for me). I love Rave Hop's execution a bit better since it gives me some vibes of some of my favorite work of his (back in his Wagon Christ days). Don't worry about giving different thoughts though. We all understand and respectful about it man <33
  8. Damn, this makes me feel even more guilty on streaming the music on there when I already do. This pisses me off. Need that SSI backpay to come sooner so I can actually buy all my fav artist's discographies. But I shouldn't be surprised that a big name streaming service doesn't give a fuck about the artist.
  9. Rave Hop is easily my favorite of the trilogy. I really LOVE Hot Fingers and Attention. The rest is pretty solid and much more memorable than the last two of the trilogy imo
  10. stream just ended. quite fun. proem does one every weeknights for anyone interested.
  11. Thanks to Ilkae on Twitter, Proem is livestreaming some cool technical wizardry on his twitch right now. Chatting with Proem and Ilkae right now but acting like a shy moron as usual. https://www.twitch.tv/proem__
  12. thats what's funny, but it's not the violence that my mom worries about but more so the sexual content, which gta has more of. my mom's anti-sexual stuff like porn lolol, but it's like "dude, i don't care about going into the strip club or getting a blowjob or whatever i just want to play the fucking game and explore the world". My mom isn't a Christian persay, but she's very strict with morals and stuff and finds the media's protrayal of sex "disgusting" as it's supposed to be a private thing with 2 consent lovers. I'm 19 though so I don't get why I can't play GTA, but I'll just have to wait until I move out and my sisters have it or some shit.
  13. I played the remasters but I feel the car part is the same, i think the weird glitches i got were mostly fixed. as much as i love sleeping dogs, my mom is pretty strict about mature rated games and definitely doesn't want me to play grand theft auto, which fucking sucks because that looks WAY BETTER. Bigger open world, more to do, fuck the sex stuff I just want to drive in the big open world and goof around with blowing up cars and shit.
  14. Another day. Another Plaid remix. I'm loving this one the most. Love the ambient and sound to this one.
  15. im gonna guess he's doing another one of those "later in the day" releases like he did for the iconic aoty jesus is king
  16. I saw a person do this on /r/Autechre, but since Plaid are no where near the popularity of Autechre on it's own reddit page, I thought I'd make the list over here. Anything Plaid is fair game, we'll do about 15-20 max. I'll link the results spreadsheet I'm making on google docs in a day or two, so you lads have time to compile your favs. I wonder how well this will do lmaoooo. I'll do it in like "top 20 max" for each user and then bring it down to your "top 5", and then count the votes for each song from highest to lowest amount, with each track on each number of votes being listed in alphabetical order. we should honestly do a remake of that for here with autechre and other artists tbh. would be fun. My strong suit is Plaid so the Autechre one for here would be so fucking overwhelming for me to do. XP I'm gonna think about my top 20 while you guys compile yours.
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