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  1. Hey it's been awhile, I never renewed my subscription and I've been having a bad year OCD wise, especially on social media. I hope everyone's doing well

  2. car seat headrest dropped the greatest piece of music this year, god bless

  3. Would you like to watch me injure a Frenchman?

  4. Mighty Muhammad, Son of Osama

    Son of a bitch, one time for my momma

  5. Just realized Double Figure's bonus track "Fell" isn't complete on youtube. Anyone got an upload of it? I should start buying Japanese copies of albums

  6. it is Avril 14th my dudes

  7. I miss thrift shopping for old tv tapes. ? Anyone got any dank tv recordings? ?

  8. World's biggest question... are we really the music makers?

  9. I got the last listing of a new copy of Plaid & Bob Jaroc's Greedy Baby on Amazon 2 days ago. Great album and I would love to see another audiovisual album like that again. Superbarrio is god

  10. NAV is a fucking god

  11. Compiling my best to worst for Autechre will be challenging, since all releases hit past a 6/10 for me, even if stuff like Incunabula and Elseq as a whole are underwhelming to me

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    2. President Squidward

      President Squidward

      l-event i found to be fine but yeah i also believe it's a bit weak myself, it also gave me a headache on first listen which is interesting considering Autechre had noisy stuff beforehand that didn't do that to me.

    3. dingformung


      It escapes me how it's possible to find elseq underwhelming. It really is one of my favourites. I think all of their 90s stuff is underwhelming compared to the new stuff, still gorgeous though. Over the years I trained myself not to rank AE. The music is so rich and abstract that you can listen to it from so many perspectives and it still makes senses. Sometimes I hate AE. Autechre invites you to have a relationship to their music that goes beyond simple liking or disliking. It plays with your perception so much that it seems to constantly shift shape. Every time you listen to an AE track it sounds different. So where's the point in making a ranking? Don't get it

    4. President Squidward

      President Squidward

      good point, it does take a lot of relistening to see what's going on with the music but usually in those relistens I still don't hear anything that really makes me feel like I'd replay it besides "oh this noise sounds good but I've heard better" lelelel, but then again it took tracks like Gantz Graf and even Bladelores (Which is definitely one of the more "accessible" newer Ae tracks) a while to realize it's an amazing song. so i guess i'll have to keep relistening to elseq, but i still feel like the songs go one for way too long when it just sounds like a bunch of good noise and nothing else.

  12. anyone got plaid memes

  13. Really hate my severe OCD. I just reacted and unreacted to a post here four times and I get random unrelated intrusive thoughts while trying to react to it so i just said “fuck it” and kept it unreacted. Now i feel bad Braintree’s notifs just got spammed. :((

  14. Just NOW discovered the Sean/Rob ask topic from 2013. That is legendary, wish I were there for it. Maybe one day Plaid can come but that’s just wishful thinking. ? 

  15. Care to join me in some Kombat Drinking?

  16. I have no interesting profile pic ideas so fuck it, don ramon

  17. All I want for Christmas is Squidward and Wunschpunsch crossover art in my stocking

  18. Bladelores song of the decade

    1. drillkicker


      it isn't even song of the album

    2. President Squidward

      President Squidward

      I disagree but Exai kicks ass in general 

    3. drillkicker
  19. I bought De:tuned 08 digitally, but was unaware Kosmik Kommander's track, "Biosurvival (Mike Dred's Acid Mix)" was an apart of the ep too, its vinyl only and I don't own a record player currently and I don't know when I will be able to... anyone own it so I can hear the track in full for Rateyourmusic reviewing purposes? Much appreciated since I like to have complete listens


  20. Wonder if ThePlaided got a kick out of Polymer... feels lonely being the only Plaid fanatic around 

  21. Still amazed by the fact Plaid retweeted my friends's Squidward/Wunschpunsch parody art of Reachy Prints she made for me. Awesome lads.

  22. sorry for overtaking statuses but a good friend of mine on the SpongeBob forums drew me a fuckin AMAZING parody of Plaid's Reachy Prints's album cover with my fun Squidward/Wunschpunsch crossover hobby


  23. Already miffed about the SpongeBob spinoff news after the passing of Stephen Hillenburg's death as it is, but now they already announced a music-based Squidward spinoff. I'd be more positive but I hate how Squidward's been written on the regular show for years now lmao

  24. scary thought: Warp signs Hobo Johnson one day

  25. do I tell ya'll about my Squidward crossover hobby I've had since childhood I do for fun or are ya not interested? ?

    1. President Squidward

      President Squidward

      I mean Squidward and Wunschpunsch is absolutely PERFECTION as a crossover. spacer.png

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