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  1. deserves it's own topic because ironically, it's song of the year I don't know how to feel about this. It's fucking out of nowhere, but funny it exists and isn't that bad, but something I don't see myself listening to again. https://aboveboardprojects.bandcamp.com/album/care4life
  2. my limited art skills returns after 5 months. oh booooooooy. the usual squidward/obscure cartoon crossover bullshit
  3. unironically drukqs is superior to xtal any fucking day
  4. cryin didn't expect this hearing the preview on beatport
  5. sean pls ban everyone who listens to jockstrap and like it from now on
  6. for anyone looking for a laptop for cheap where you can have space for gaming and making videos with software and shit, don't let your mom who doesn't know anything about computers buy you a Chromebook without you supervising what she's doing. learned that the hard way
  7. Mighty Muhammad, Son of Osama

    Son of a bitch, one time for my momma

  8. reminder plaid won the unheard album with Dett and Sam Lac Run
  9. A side project Diplo is gonna do probably a couple chapters on, and my god I am baffled by how safe, unfinished, and bland the first chapter is. Even though it's been years since he made Florida, his greatest album for me nowadays, and has produced some good songs that made him mainstream, this man still shows that he has loads of taste in styles and still in the know of obscure artists on his Siriusxm station so I don't get why this project and last year's LSD is just music that feels so basic and throwaway that it doesn't feel like Diplo made it. It's pretty much country pop with guest features and 2 minute songs to probably gain streaming revenue. Tolerable, but bad. Discuss if you've heard this like I have today. One of my worst albums of 2020 so far. https://open.spotify.com/album/2Om5VEKaBd4Afht33ToQGD?si=MONx1XixRG28Y9pbr3gknw
  10. haha look guys i have a shirt that looks like it says autechre
  11. I'm a year late, but I agree. Foley Room has some of his greatest tunes, and ISAM I might've been too harsh on first listen, but a bit too messy for me. Kitty Cat is a bop tho
  12. I liked Body Riddle's sound but not enough to find it relistenable, maybe I need to give it a chance. Just came and went to my ears. Good complex sound but nothing catchy to me. Doesn't help that Clark's albums lack coherence to me ?
  13. probably dad-rock to like, the idm community itself. they seem to being doing well since they have plenty of amazing artists to my ears and to the general public and constantly have acclaimed artists drop acclaimed albums every year.
  14. I know Plaid had about 300,000 during the release of Polymer. Now it's about 191,000, though I'm sure for people outside of the heavy IDM fanbase, people might feel the later Autechre stuff is too much for them maybe, since I know on here more people are into Autechre than Plaid. Clark has a lot of well known tracks on spotify as well.
  15. 6 weeks later, and Steve Cobby (one half of Fila Brazillia) blesses us with ANOTHER LP https://stevecobby.bandcamp.com/album/nostalgia-intensa
  16. None of the music seems shit to me tbh but I guess it's all about different tastes. I like all the newer acts I've heard and I think Yves Tumor and Grizzly Bear have potential.
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