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  1. Warp expanding their brand bad Warp dead to me
  2. god my severe ocd thoughts are getting in the way of liking posts lately but i gotta say i agree. Warp still has lots of cool artists and stuff going on. They still respect where they started a lot but they've just grown outside of IDM for experimental genres. I do agree we need a couple new IDM-techno type peeps signed though.
  3. man i could go for some local pizza place right now. curse you coronavirus
  4. let's all chill about when BoC is releasing a new album and focus on why plaid's scintilli/polymer eps aren't out yet
  5. This is their best remix this year. Gives me Scintilli vibes
  6. Never have I seen true swag then this image. I want that coat.
  7. Plaid's rankings for me is very interesting I must say, since all of their albums range around an 8/9 for me. Double Figure has a lot I love about it, but half of it's tracklist has ideas that don't fully click with me like Ti Bom, Light Rain, Sincetta do. I feel tracks like New Family, Twin Home, Zala, Squance and a few others are about an 8/10 for me, almost coming close but just never grows on me on relistens. Eyen is also a 10 like the the other tracks I mentioned. Greedy Baby is a project I adore so much because it has some Plaid tunes that really reasonate with me, and the project and idea of the DVD audiovisual makes it a really fun listen. E.M.R., I Citizen the Loathesome and Super Positions are some of their greatest tracks for me. Greedy Baby reminds me of the style they carried in Spokes too, full of some of their most coolest details and melodies placed. (Though that's tough to decide on since they've always crafted good melodies). Scintilli is an interesting one. Never knew it was apparently held back for 3 years before until I saw the topic here. I love all the tunes and different styles shown in this album, and all the tracks except for Upgrade I love a lot. I think my only issue is a lot of them are a little too short. I see the hype for Double Figure though, I just can't agree with it though haha ? That album cover is amazing af though, when I first saw it, I just got vibes it came from ancient times.
  8. I know right? I've noticed that with Plaid too... I swear back when Polymer first came out they had about 290,000 listeners. If only those listeners were on RYM haha. I also noticed most of the plays seem to go to their top listened tracks such as Do Matter, Ralome, CLOCK, etc, which are great tracks, but I would love to see the numbers rise on the other tracks.
  9. Damn, I look at this topic now and it looks like that Scintilli EP never happened. Wonder if something got in the way or if they were dissatified or something? I hope the Polymer EP isn't the same outcome. ?
  10. Those film soundtrack albums are amazing! I need to relisten to Tekkon and I'm sad it's not on digital yet. Greedy Baby is a grower album for me right now. That one has a lot of interesting songs, E.M.R. and Super Positions for example. The audiovisual videos from Bob Jaroc I love also, fits really great with the tunes. Makes me wish Plaid did another project like that since it's very experimental of them and has a lot of complex touches to the sound.
  11. I know what he meant by "Sit tight", we're getting another remaster for Hi Scores this year.
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