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  1. - Tame Impala - The Slow Rush - Fila Brazillia - MMXX EP - Steve Cobby - СТИВИ - Nathan Fake - Blizzards - Plone - Puzzlewood - Squarepusher - Be Up A Hello - Mason Bee - Play Flights - Proswell - Amaterasu - Nkurence - A Passing Dream - The Orb - Abolition of the Royal Familia - Oval - Scis - Amon Tobin & Thys - Ghostcards - The Weeknd - After Hours - Mr. Scruff - DJ Kicks - that Plaid EP that hopefully comes out since it's been 5 months ?
  2. Just realized Double Figure's bonus track "Fell" isn't complete on youtube. Anyone got an upload of it? I should start buying Japanese copies of albums

  3. sorry to bump this again but now this is my 4th favorite Plaid album ever. Spokes, Rest Proof Clockwork and Polymer are other 3. The score for this album on Rateyourmusic really depresses me. Deserves to be rated more than 339 ratings and deserves a 3.50 score at least god damn... way superior over jon Hopkins's immunity, which is one of the highest rated IDM albums on this site. Made a review on this album but I can't describe music for the life of me and I should probably learn music production to be able to explain it. https://rateyourmusic.com/release/album/plaid/reachy-prints-1/
  4. Thanks to Wayback Machine, I was able to go to the old Spokes website from 2003 and spelling the track title on the wheels to get the mp3 of this rarity I don't see on Youtube, besides the peel session and live versions.
  5. Just listened to this. I think it has a more exciting sound than half of what was on For Beginner Piano, but it doesn't have that album's highs for me, such as Busy Working.
  6. I was at a movie theater to see Sonic the Hedgehog with my family back in February. it sucked.
  7. a thread on squidward or wunschpunsch. or both.
  8. Wanna visit my sister in Ohio again, but in the Winter because it's mostly cloudy everyday when I go over there in the past during December and cloudy weather is an aesthetic. also once this dies down I need to repurchase that Bent CD on Discogs from that seller since Germany can't ship to the US right now.
  9. This is a good remix. Plaid just sounding like Plaid, a bit tooo samey but kinda has a feel to it that makes me think of tracks such a Get What You Gave and Thank. The "dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun" synths around the middle and end of the track kinda braintease me because it just sounds like it's randomly misplaced and doesn't click with the remix. ? Still a very good remix and I think I'm more into it than the one they did a couple months ago for Ricardo Tobar
  10. yall... 5.9.78 5.9.20 42 "42" is one of the numbers mentioned in aquarius new album on that day confirmed!!!!MNEIBDBRO#IE?Rfewihojshxcf rsdtfguwhiqonkwebhvdtcfe63t7 i need to sleep
  11. boc and the music companies: master trolls
  12. I think due to the full name sounding a bit elitist and negative sounding. Though I just say IDM anyway since “intelligent” just sounds a bit douchey even if the music itself is experimental and complex. plus the artists hate the full name
  13. it is Avril 14th my dudes

  14. this is better than Recall even though Recall is still a 10
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