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  1. I don't always wear my Autechre t-shirt. Sometimes I wear a Wu-Tang hoody. Even though I'm an old white woman.
  2. Or Saturday , as I like to refer to it.
  3. Alright , seeing as how I feel like you guys and I really are at ease with each other now... This one didn't actually get to the dating thing but we were swapping nice messages , a little flirty banter , you know. His name was Alec and he had an epic beard and he seemed charming . He sent me a picture of his dog . Lovely. Then another pic of the dog . Okay . Then another... Turns out he was looking for a 'pedigree chum ' for his pooch. Not only that he told me his ex wife had been on more than stroking terms with the animal. So obviously , I'm a little bit miffed by this. "So where would you be while I'm being seen to by your dog then? Filming it??" I texted furiously. *I'm not a f*ckin' sicko u cheeky c*** !" he texted back. (I'd just like to point out that I am not interested at all in any type of relationship with anything or anybody whose idea of personal hygiene involves licking their own arse . Thank you.)
  4. Pocket chicken and shit in a drawer. Christ almighty...
  5. they are , without a doubt , a proper treat for the gob
  6. they are chips cooked three times.... your scran just seemed a bit better than mine.
  7. Some of you are like well decadent.
  8. Triple cooked chips and A glass of spiced rum and red bull. It's very nice.
  9. I joined a dating site after much cajoling off my family.Rejected some very odd would be suitors for reasons I'd rather not go into in a first post.Eventually I spoke to a nice bloke. Well he seemed okay until I met him outside a local pub.His trousers had a suspect shiny patch at the , uh , frontal area and after he bought himself a pint he asked if all my hair was real . When I assured him it was he said that I couldn't come back to his flat with him as my hair would block up his sink...I made my excuses and left. I saw him later,buying a tray of chips which he then poured into a blue plastic bag which he had produced from his pocket. Oh and his first name was Cliffort. Yes...with a T.
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