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  1. Sean said it would be the end for now, until he learns some new cool unexpected technique worth sharing with us and experimenting with. I guess the question is what he can take from audience as input next. If he won't find any new input source from audience/video stream then probably this is really the end
  2. did Sean wrote anything before it was shut down?
  3. Lucio Arese updated the quality of the video. Now it's in 4K!
  4. adm1n


    Same here. Quite surprised about these "silent moments" between massive chords on 45 min mark in Helsinki set. There's literal silence, no background stuff sometimes. Haven't heard pauses in ae music
  5. adm1n


    Helsinki set is "incomplete without crowd noises"
  6. toitoy provided full recording of the stream. Cheers to him. I just cut out the jam parts https://we.tl/t-GwBers9Fq0
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