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  1. Great record, thanks for the reminder. One of very few techno albums that comes close to Deep Space.
  2. droid

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    I liked it, the 'fantasy' section was a bit long winded, but I think it paid off, and the chutzpah required to try and create a fantasy epic/genesis myth within the realms of simulation theory was impressive. It was almost like a reverse of anathem. Sci fi segueing into fantasy, reality cohereing instead of decohering.
  3. droid


    Ive never really been able to find out exactly how the album was produced, but neither Tubby or Jammy were making a lot of dub when it came out, and it sounds a lot like Sherwood's other 80's dub excursions and it was released on century which was kind of a UK outlet for Sherman's releases. I reckon the tapes were shipped over to Sherwood after the others had done their magic and he dubbed them out. It was one of a trilogy of records with Changing Dub and Matrix Dub: There's something special going on with Ghetto Dub, but Sherwood definitely had the chops, especially when he was working with good source material: That said, despite it being a far more MOR record, I do have a huge soft spot for this other UK guy:
  4. droid


    This is an underrated masterpiece, Sherman, Tubby, Jammy and Sherwood. By far my favourite UK dub record.
  5. Yeah, this is very sad. RIP. We're doing a 2 hour radio special tonight on Peter, Mego and the also recently departed Jon Hassell.
  6. There is one correct point in this flaming garbage scow of nonsense, the IPCC is politicised, it is hamstrung by political governance from the people who have a vested interest in maintaining business as usual, a situation that has ensured that their reports always err on the the side of caution and make conservative predictions. This report is probably closest to verifiable reality than any we have seen previously.
  7. That's not the case though. Exxon knew in 1978, suppressed their reports and spent millions lobbying to ensure this outcome. Shell did similar. In fact there's probably only about 10,000 people out there that have actively prevented action on this and continue to perpetrate ecocide; the lobbyists, the fossil and big-agri executives, the psychopathic industrialists and billionaires. This is a systemic problem, but there's a good reason why little progress has been made, and these are the people on whom the blame primarily rests. They knew exactly what they were doing. As the saying goes: “The earth is not dying, it is being killed, and those who are killing it have names and addresses.”
  8. AR6 doesn't really tell us anything we didn't already know. In some ways its comforting to see the IPCC align with less mediated predictions. At least it's all out in the open now. This is the doctor telling you that you're gonna lose the leg no matter what and if you don't change your lifestyle you'll be dead in 5 years. In short, we act now or we're fucked.
  9. Might be an idea to add something about the video for Papua New Guinea that appeared on the 1993 Future Shock VHS. The best of a bad bunch. I recorded the whole thing to tape at the time and probably listened to it more than anything else for a year or so.
  10. If you like those Bukem mixes you'll probably enjoy these: https://www.weareie.com/2005/11/sovereign-rhythms-vol1-1993-1995.html https://www.weareie.com/2005/12/sovereign-rhythms-vol-2-1993-1995.html Speaking of Bukem, I think this is his finest moment:
  11. That happened a long time ago, back at least to the 50's when Erskine Childers exposed the myth that Arab nations called for the evacuation of Palestinians during the Nakba, or maybe when when we complained about Israel murdering our peacekeepers (repeatedly), or when we complained about them forging our passports for assassination squads... it's hard to keep track of all the anti-semitism.
  12. Chomsky made the point very well in Fateful triangle that those who oppose Israeli aggression in the region and the continued occupation are Israel's friends, and the real enemies are those who continue along the path to inevitable destruction. That was published nearly 40 years ago in the wake of the first Lebanese war and Sabra and Chatila, but it's something I think about a lot in relation to this conflict. The human cost on the Palestinian side is obvious, vile and unconscionable, a sustained crime against humanity, but there's also the cost to the occupier. Israel has more or less succeeded in their strategic aims, the complete destruction of Palestinian cultural, social, economic and political existence, and in the process their own society has become sick, evil and corrupted beyond recognition. We can look at zionism post WWII and of course we reject the ethnic cleansing and terrorism of the Nakba, the occupation of 67 and so on, but you can also see some good in Israeli society, Labour zionism, the Kibbutzim etc... but now, now there is just this twisted, fascistic revenant, a grotesque right wing militaristic parody, a rogue state that is doomed to eternal war and endless trauma for its victims and its citizens. Somebody once said that Israel can win as many wars as it likes but it can lose only once, and you have to wonder about the long term planning in Tel Aviv. It's only a matter of time now before the US disengages with the middle east. They don't need the oil anymore, and climate pressure is going accelerate the shift away from fossils and also make the region less stable. The Saudis, Israel and the gulf states are all going to be dropped and left to fend for themselves, and after decades of atrocities who is going to sympathise with Israel when the shit really hits the fan and they face a real war?
  13. This is a beaut: https://experimentalrooms.bandcamp.com/album/ambient-waves-from-niigata And this: https://linearobsessional.bandcamp.com/album/ghost-of-trains-train-of-ghosts
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