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  1. He's a solid dude that guy. Been watching him for a while. No nonsense.
  2. Ah, thanks! Great tune, gives me the shivers even now. Heres the Limmy dance.
  3. Equal opportunity police brutality seems like the best we can hope for.
  4. Thanks! Mark made it very, very easy. Super nice guy.
  5. An outstanding record. Combine it with the Ventolin EP and mixes and it may be his strongest suite.
  6. Oh yeah, I forgot about that idiotic bullshit. Its in here: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/52fwpzd7had9i/NPLD_on_Dublin_Digital_Radio
  7. Our most recent show: Have to figure out how to evade the roadblocks for the next recording.
  8. Copeland had a particularly unsettling moment in the limelight last year.
  9. We've done a bunch of shows since this was last updated. Guest mix from composer Amanda Feery: And our last pre-pandemic appearance:
  10. Rich has a long and storied history in ambient music. He's done some awful, cliched stuff, but also a fair amount of really good stuff. That last album is excellent.
  11. We did an interview and profile of Mark last year for the radio show. Absolute gentleman.
  12. We've had two drone gigs cancelled this week.
  13. It would be worth hiring this guy for a master, not only will he do a great job but he can offer useful practical advice specific to your work. http://www.scmastering.com/ DISCLAIMER - he's been a mate for many years, but my recommendation is based solely on the work he's done for myself and others.
  14. Did a fair bit of writing, design and editing for Woofah a few years back. https://www.woofahmag.com/
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