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  1. Sure, mixes are here: https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/0B1d28y9o4REdSUR1V3FNWGRIelU Radio shows are here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Qf7-8DdeSm9II1f8daBl7lHwzMb_EN3g
  2. Yeah, the method kinda developed organically. Back in the 00's we were doing 6 deck improvised sets with some basic pedal and kaoss pad fx, but we always wanted to go further and the modular kits lets us completely deconstruct things, opening up the possibility to mix a much more diverse set of tunes - we send tracks out individually or together and then feed the processed sound back into the mixer. We've found that an important factor is the live element - this set was more less completely improvised, but to do that you need at least 2 people, ideally someone on the same wavelength.
  3. To state the obvious. This turned out to be a Brexit election. Labour lost big in Leave seats, a consequence of caving to the centre and backing a second referendum. Corbyn's unpopularity also a major factor, partly due to his own faults, and partly due to the unprecedented smear campaign. The policies however continue to poll well in the UK. His moment was 2017. We are now in very dangerous territory. The Tories are promising to reform parliament in favour of the ruling party. During the course of the campaign they've repeatedly threatened media organisations who gave them bad press. Their entire election campaign was based on lies and gaslighting. This is all uncontroversial textbook pre totalitarian stuff. Terrifying if you take into account their lurch to the hard right and adoption of blatantly racist policies. My sincere condolences to all UK bods. Some very dark times ahead.
  4. Hot off the presses. Tracklist: 1. NPLD - The 10th Configuration 2. NASA - Symphonies Of The Planets 1 - Symphonies of the Planets - LaserLight Digital (1993) 3. Sunroof! - Machines - Cloudz - VHF Records ‎(2003) 4. Roger Winfield - Windsongs 2 - Windsongs: The Sound of Aeolian Harps - Saydisc (1991) 5. Lull - Open Closed Apart - Dreamt about dreaming - Dreamt About Dreaming - Rawkus (1995) 6. Robert Rich - The Abiding Wheel - Tactile Ground - Soundscape (2018) 7. Deathprod ‎- Cloudchamber - Deathprod - Rune Grammofon (2004) 8. Ugasanie - Shores of Antarctica - Ice Breath Of Antarctica - Cryo Chamber (2018) 9. Steven Halpern ‎- Healing Music #2 - Music For Healing Mind, Body & Spirit - Relaxation Music (1996) 10. Ana roxanne - Slowness - ~ ~ ~ - Leaving Records (2019) 11. Biosphere - Geatkejavri - The Senja Recordings - Biophon Records (2019) 12. Teresa Winter - Pain of Outside - Untitled Death - The Death Of Rave (2017) 13. Federico Durand ‎- Un claro del bosque iluminado - El Estanque Esmeralda - Spekk (2014) 14. Fumio Miyashita - Morning Sun - The Healing Rain Forest : Meditation Breathing - Pioneer (1996) 15. Labradford - P - Mi Media Naranja - Kranky (1997) 16. Robert Curgenven - En Plein Air - Climata - Dragon's Eye Recordings (2016) 17. Kate Carr - There was a lot of whispering involved - The Story Surrounds Us - Helen Scarsdale Agency (2017) 18. Eliane Radigue - Onward 19 - Vice Versa, Etc.… - Important Records (1970/2009) 19. Anthony Child & Gnod - Part Two - Behind the Lids - Tesla Tapes (2016) 20. Kyle Bobby Dunn - La Passerelle De Ses Yeux - Air Texture Volume II - Air Texture (2012) 21. Cosey Fanni Tutti - Ritual Awakening - Time To Tell ‎- Flowmotion (1983) 22. Stephan Matheiu - Dawn - A Static Place - 12k (2011) 23. William Basinski - DLP 6 - The Disintegration Loops - Temporary Residence Limited (2012) 24. Toshimaru Nakamura - NIMB 53 - Re-Verbed (No-Input Mixing Board 9) - Room40 (2018) 25. Decal - Somewhere Worth Living - 404 Not Found - Planet Mu (2002) 26. Celer - Rains Lit By Neon - Xièxie - Two Acorns (2019) 27. Flying Saucer Attack - Rainstorm Blues - Further - Domino (1997) 28. NPLD - The 11th Configuration Effects Processing: Elektron Octatrack: Dynamic Performance Sampler @WeAreElektron Make Noise Morphagene x2: Tape and microsound music module Make Noise Maths: Analog computer @makenoisemusic Mutable Instruments Tides: Tidal modulator Mutable Instruments Clouds x2: Granular audio processor/Texture Synthesiser Mutable Instruments Warps: Meta Modulator Mutable Instruments Ripples: Liquid filter Mutable Instruments Elements: Modal Synth / Resonator Mutable Instruments Veils: Quad VCA Mutable Instruments Blinds: Quad VC Polarizer @mutable_instrum MFB dual LFO Bastl Cinnamon: Voltage controlled state variable filter @bastlinstrument Eventide H9 Harmoniser: Multi effect processor @EventideAudio Strymon BigSky: Multidimensional reverb @strymon EHX PitchFork Polyphonic Pitch shifter @EHX And here's a video of us making this very mix.
  5. Aww, thank you. Though as you get more familiar with the music you may be less impressed with our curation!
  6. Best of 2019 next month. Another toughie.
  7. No love for the old reliable?
  8. Ok, here we go - mixcloud link here. Was kind of fun to do, but certainly should've spent more time weighing up the options. Could easily have done five or ten shows like this. Its been the most prolific decade ever for ambient music (by my rough calculations).
  9. I don't think he has, plus he wont let any of his live sets out, the fucker.
  10. My apologies, totally missed them. He is awesome live. Well worth checking if you get a chance.
  11. droid

    Your Favourite track

    Pancake lizard doesnt get enough love.
  12. Dunk Sunken Foal (who some of you may remember from his releases on planet Mu as part of Ambulance), is to my ears one of the most consistently vital electronica producers out there. He's had couple of releases lately, the first Le Doux Nord Pt. 1 is an album of tunes made with the Nord Modular just came out the other day: https://countersunk.bandcamp.com/album/le-doux-nord-part-i And the 2nd is a couple of months old, a mystery collaborative project featuring a variety of (mainly) Irish producers all working anonymously at 101 beats per minute. https://countersunk.bandcamp.com/album/101-beats-per-minute-ii Both come highly recommended.
  13. We have an overview of the last decade of Ambient and Drone music coming up tonight at 9pm (GMT) if anyone's inclined to listen here: https://listen.dublindigitalradio.com/home Archive will be up on mixcloud over the next week or so.
  14. Some snippets of something Ive been working on for a while running in Live. Twitter has done something bad to the video quality so all the names are not legible, , but Id be curious to see if people can ID the tracks. All 90's electronica/ambient offshoots, nothing crazily obscure.
  15. lol. I thought this was AFX at the time as well. Was chatting to mark about this a while ago... Like the Disjecta stuff, this was just another release of tunes he had lying around that didnt really fit into any other project.
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