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  1. Finally got around to doing a follow up to 'Blush' which i've just posted on Soundcloud. Deliberately takes a while to get going but it's worth listening to all the way through in these weird times we're in. As with the first track, these are unmastered. Hopefully some of you will enjoy it. Haven't had time to do a video for this one yet but i reckon that might happen given we're all in limbo at the moment. Listen to Imperfect Stranger - 'Hymn To The Sun' Cheers folks, Imperfect Stranger.
  2. Hey folks - i've not been on in a while so hope everyone is surviving the apocalypse so far. Just wanted to say i'm going to be posting a new track of mine on here tomorrow. It's the follow up to my debut track at the top of this thread. On that note, if any of you are on Soundcloud and want to follow me i've just opened a profile as Imperfect Stranger with the 'Blush' audio on it tonight. Follow me and i'll follow you back. Here's the link: Imperfect Stranger on Soundcloud Stay well !
  3. Thank you - great to hear your feedback on this. Got another one coming but it might be a bit on the ambient side for you too ;-)
  4. Thank you Joyrex. Really appreciate you taking the time to listen. Nice one. Thanks for checking it out. Appreciated.
  5. Liking this. Definite cinematic feel to some of these tracks. Good sense of melody too. Nice work.
  6. I think your music is excellent. Very honest/not contrived, and a great energy to it. Well done.
  7. Digging this. I'd agree with the previous poster that i'd probably prefer it without the drums but that's just personal taste. Good job though !
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