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  1. The Flute is fire. That flute is in the edirol orch vst. It is free. Hit it up.
  2. Hey man, Missed this. I appreciate the feedback. You are right, my drums are the thing I don't pay too much attention to, to a fault, obv. Imma going to post the new work here, for the general thread. Do not feel obligated to listen. Here is another tranche of tunes written from 11/22/2019 until now. Burnt out and taking a break. Highlights are probably Syrup and Any Love for the Invasion Force? 1. Indomitable American Spirit - Celebraton of C - This guy only has 6 notes, Key of C, missing b, which is nuts because that the leading tone, which I abuse. But pretty much is always playing octave of Cs, 2. Machinations - A revolt or reaction to the simply nature of the first tune. Harmony study. 3. Syrup - 1st complete song with grandeur after playing with it the day before writing this. 4. un danza provacativo - Tried for a pop dance style tune. It is the last viable song I wrote - quite a bit of tone modulation on instruments on this one. another simple chord progression underpins. 5. Mom and Dad's Song - I - V - vi - IV 6. Any Love for the Invasion Force? - Eb Sus2 I think, similar to track one in that there is an Eb played most of the tune. In this one it is phased a bit and I started using some tone modulation after one of your emails spoke to such a thing. 7. Frie Study - Minimalism - This actually might predate 11/22/2019, not sure when I wrote it. Think I might have found it and edited it in that time frame.
  3. Nah man, I was saying to cut them so the pop more and don't have a tail. Generally makes the mix cleaner. May not even be what you wanted or what the piece demanded. I was a bit drunk when I was listening that night. If I listened again, would probably not even notice. I just posted 7 new tunes from 11/22/2019 until a few days ago... went too hard and exhausted all my juice. I don't want to hijack your thread so I will post on my thread if you care to give a listen, I would appreciate.
  4. Yeah man, listening to 5 dec, it takes me almost as long to sit down as it takes for the bass drum to come in, it is also as rewarding. But I have lost interest. These comment are in time obvious. About 3:45 for me, phenomenon really. Dec. 11 Do you have this peace, how do you obtain it? Bugh, I do not care for it. Where is the drama? The violence? CAn the peace wash over me, or will i continue to fight? Getting angrier. Hi hat has come in. could be better. Too low, bring it up, and maybe cut it. is that a snare? irt may be the snare is the problem, not the hi hat. up or down in tune and cut it. for my tastes. Nov. 27. this is why I dot Like ambient music. It/ the artist has no conviction. Convict. Nov 23, same key. Is this not the same song reprised? Nov. 17 - I am in that groove. so sue me. so much better than the last two, you love that minor hit though. What does it mean for you? You nee to cut your snares? That long snare sound sucks, to my tastes. I skipped ahead and the sound is the same, but bigger. Oct. 30 Thank god, i hear why I fell in love with your aesthetic? Thank god, what a stud. This is why these 52 week challenges suck, but that is how you get here perhaps. Wow oh wow. I want to wrote this style tune. So good. You were in the zomne as they say. I call it the flow. The ebb and flow of life. Ups and downs, sine curves basically. This was you high, perhaps you went into you low too quickly given the above, but absolutely forgivable, given the amount of time. I would never go it, at my age. Kudos to you. - A fan
  5. No no no, you are preaching to the choir re: bpm. See the only thing is the use of the word busses, which i would translate as effect "channels". Obv, the same. Yes, obv you do reverb, who would not? Yes, bass drum, taking it easy on one to do the work for you, perfect. Amphorous, that was the sound, not ambient, or whatever they call it. It did not have a shape, but it was not without shape, as background ambience. Soon, I will drop 7 tunes written in the last 3 weeks at most, along with a select maybe 8 songs from the past to compliment. Tbh honest, there are three actual people I talk to that have influenced the sound. You are the 2nd of three. The 3rd I dont even speak to because he is so strong. Not that his music is better, because your shit is tight as hell, but his is so out the fuck out there I am trying to bridge it and would feel foolish to speak to him. That would likely continue for such a long period of time. He is out there, and I doubt I could get to his level. That being said, each one has probably influenced equally. The guy is well beyond our time. His time very well never come. We all, otherwise, have a shot at greatness. He will, perhaps, in some ambiguous time. Hidden down here: I was thinking of posting a tune here for you to listen to/critique. Don't want to hijack or step on your toes. Just wanted to ask if you be pissed, as you have been here and built this thread. Two tunes really. the important ones. Yeh or nah
  6. yeah yeah yeah yeah. That organ/synth/instrument is vibey. Can't really tell if you if you are playing an interval back and forth or if that is just the resonance. Dig i regardless. Obviously the drump patterns are super groovy and you have placed accents to make it nice and alive, generally something I avoid, unfortunately. Also 90 bpm, I need to slow my stuff down, I usually default to 130 bpm as that is what the track open as. Have written in 130 so long, it just feels like home. New to break off of it for some upcoming tunes. Though the last two I wrote i think are 124 and 128, so working that way ? That outra bass is fire. Nov: 5 a little harsh on the open for my ear. Also a little slow to develop for me as I have a petulant child like discipline. Sounds great and obviously a lot of fun when in there, jamming. Also One thing I wanted to say was that one of your pieces that you have listed at #ambient is more #amorphous than ambient. to me
  7. Should have about three tunes out this week. I am using FL studio atm. Will give theyour last two tunes a listen when I get back home. In-Law Thanksgiving today. I got a pair of Tannoy Reveal 802s coming from Guitar center when they are instock. Probably 40 days before they ship. Is okay, monitor is still working up to 65%.
  8. Prepare your day to be made again! Tried to steal your style, I am simply not that groovy. But I was able to take your clean style and completely ruin it. Obviously your technical chops on the back side is something to be reckoned. I went as minimal as possible. Enjoy, start low volume. I was thinking of just crescendoing this from start to final organ. Also warning, I did pop my left monitor with this at 100. Probably resonance. Still works at 65% for now, so... maybe a good thing? HEADPHONE WARNING: Start Soft - Had to erase, someone was going to hurt themselves with headphones This midi jam template, the phaser/flange work, the pad work. the command, of voicing.
  9. Here are a few more 54 total on the soundcloud album. Please give a listen!
  10. Not all of the tunes from the new album are loop sketches, there are about 20 actual songs I choose this as it is most unlike everything else I am hearing.
  11. too ambient, was never enough to draw me into the sound envelope, but maybe I am just getting tired. oh I had my volume down to 30%, turned it up. Nah, no good for me. Never gets to the point, do people have infinite time on their hands?
  12. I find it hard to believe that Ableton could be a better product that FL studio. People been talking that mess for years. As long as you are having a good time and the creational outlet is worthwhile to you, that is what matters. Fuckeveryoneandeverything was the best of the bunch! by a wide margin. was very good
  13. I was going to suggest getting away from the Rhodes Piano samples, but then the poppy arp came in and I was a fan. The wormy synths underneath are there and fill nicely, but are not in line with the chords on the electric piano, so I would revisit. I bet it could sound better. I sounds fine as is, but could be better I think. Or it might make it worse, who knows! lol. Music is toiugh and that the art, am I right?!
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