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  1. Here's my latest release. Kinda sounds like some old long lost Skam release. It's really lo-fi and unmastered but maybe you guys might be into it. Thanks. https://jasonpotratz.bandcamp.com/album/gcvh
  2. My new release of experimental computer music. https://jasonpotratz.bandcamp.com/album/silence-3
  3. I'm a little more obsessed than I hobbyist, but then I again I don't really care for market viability so I'm in a gray area but it makes me happy nonetheless, outsider artist??. I think I'll save the money for Ozone. I'm not into pirating stuff, just doesn't feel right. Mike "Terminal 11" mastered that album Woodpaths (in the link) with Ozone. I think it sounds pretty good. As far as Autechre goes you're definitely right. I/we need to go to their forum to talk about their stuff, we'll start a big discussion about them in the wrong forum. Their music is so important it's breaking out into other forums! I'll go to a clothes sewing club forum on the internet and find a Autechre thread. heheh.
  4. Thanks guys for checking the music out. The mastering issue is that because so few people buy my stuff I can't justify spending money on mastering just yet. I think I'm gonna scrape some money together this year and get the Izotope Ozone mastering software (not that I'm trying to make people buy my music, but yes mastering it would be nice). We'll see how that works out over the next few years. But yes thanks again, it means a lot to me that you checked it out and I'm grateful for your positive response, the music world is brutal and to get a positive response is really great. I mean just think what Autechre or Homemade Weapons do with sound, melodies, arranging, etc., it's tough out here, heheh.
  5. Hi, I make computer music, IDM stuff. I thought this might be a good place to share it. I've been a Wattm lurker off and on for about 14 years, so I know how serious you guys can be about electronic music. Keeping this in mind I'm sharing this link mostly to open up lines of communication, etc. as no one where I live is into this kind of stuff. I've put out music on Terminal 11's Sunwarped label and Phthalocyanine's Phthalo and Halo Cyan labels, so I'm relatively serious about electronic music. If you like my music I give you a big thanks for checking it out. This is surely spam, sorry, but it's completely relevant imo + I need to meet some electronic music people, I live in a artistic wasteland, heheheh. Btw check out Terminal 11's label Sunwarped label as well, he has great music on his label, that's also in the these links. -Jason https://jasonpotratz.bandcamp.com/ https://sunwarped.bandcamp.com/
  6. Please disregard this post, I just saw the EKT New Releases forum. Very sorry, I apologize.
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