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  1. yeh, just to clear up any confusion over this .. any orders for tape edition done via the seagrave bandcamp will get shipped.. ASAP / as soon as its safe to do so . any preorders done thru online record shops wont get fulfilled unfortunately .. Sorry.. UNLESS they were done through Norman Records, who will still get some copies - around the same time as the bandcamp ones go out.. make sense? apologies for delays etc but the global scenario is a bit mental obviously. cheers ✌️
  2. here y'go https://seagrave.bandcamp.com/album/zns ?
  3. Lee put mix up on soundclound, u can DL . .. . https://soundcloud.com/leegamble/sdem-guest-mix-nts-radio-jan-20
  4. u can D >L it from here ?‍♂️ cheers! https://www.dropbox.com/s/y2evgdohzqjajaf/SDEM_LFTMX_28_FFFINAL.mp3?dl=0
  5. hi, got a new thing out.. tapes will be ready to post out around 6th december .ch ch check it https://m3ds.bandcamp.com/album/radio-syg-ma Radio Syg.ma is a live set originally created for the Russia based podcast https://radio.syg.ma/ comprising spectral ambience, pattern synthesis, mutant electronics and complex high-frequency textures. Archived on Pro-Dubbed Limited Cassette / Digital Artwork by Takashi Aoki , LED printed directly on the cassette shell. Release: 6 December 2019 peeece
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