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  1. The Klee from there is amazing (based on an amazing hardware sequencer).
  2. Was reading about this last night - it’s called a corona virus because the proteins around the virus make it look like a little crown. So would have been obvious from a blood test that it was a corona virus. Thing with these viruses is they evolve and fast. They’ve already evolved to jump from bats to (they think) snakes to humans, and they combine with the host DNA and evolve. So could get more deadly or less deadly and could start spreading more or less quickly. Flu & pneumonia kill loads but there’s vaccinations in place already and we know how it works, this could get a lot worse a lot quicker ( or it could fizzle out to nothing). Standard Not a Doctor disclaimer 🙂
  3. 100% agree with this. They’re selling that 303 for £130-ish, and the reason they can sell it so cheap is because they’ve had to do no research on the circuit, it’s a tried, tested and abused circuit. They’ll sell tons of these. If they were charging £600 for this I’d feel different, but £130? Bargain. I’ve made most of my own synths because I enjoy building stuff, the one thing I bought so far was a Waldorf Streichfett because there’s no way I could do a poly synth for that cheap. This falls squarely into that same bracket.
  4. Yeah I did the same and it was a ton of effort and hassle as you say. It’s a definite trade off.
  5. Been working from home today so been digging into some of this stuff. Thanks for bringing this to my attention, the kind of rabbit hole I love!
  6. Very cool! I really like this kind of stuff, I’ve been doing some stuff lately using bio-sensors to control synths, something really cool about collaborating with nature on music.
  7. Whoa whoa whoa. MOMENT in the sun? I’m here for all the sun.
  8. I’m a new member! Long term IDM fan, synth diy addict*. HELLO. *i built an 808 clone last year, it’s one of the most exciting things I’ve ever done.
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