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  1. I remember being really, really excited when it came out and loving the album but also realising I had the real fanboy glasses on and so had no real perspective on it. 5+ years later and I still love it to bits. Still totally gives me goosebumps whenever I put it on.
  2. They’ve recorded the session so hopefully I’ll be able to post a link soon (or just stop being lazy and do a vid myself of course 🙂)
  3. I live demo’d me controlling a synthesiser using only my heartbeat and brainwaves tonight using a Raspberry Pi at an online Pi Jam. Heartbeat controlling gate of notes and brain sensor controlling pitch (going up as I got more relaxed). Getting both equipment and me to work over live video was a significant risk 😂
  4. All the Dutch people I’ve had the fortune to have met have been fucking legends. All of them.
  5. Been playing about with this all week - barely scratched the surface but it’s a load of fun. Need to play with it more but already getting some cool little sequences going with very little effort (well, apart from figuring out how to get started with it that is, once you’re up and running ideas flow out of it but getting sounds out of it in the first place is a steep learning curve). Worth the effort.
  6. One of my favourites, this. Fascinating music.
  7. Yeah I bought some stuff. Some CPU records stuff, a modular set from Lomond Campbell (whose stuff is brilliant) and the new Pye Corner Audio thing. this whole situation is desperate for artists really.
  8. Oh no it hit the uk alright. We’ve been talking about it a lot this week actually, 10 years younger and no kid makes everything a lot less scary it turns out. We were both working in offices and people in our offices, on our bank of desks were getting it and it was no massive thing.
  9. I mean I laugh, but I genuinely think this Boris’ plan. ‘It worked for brexit....’ 🤮
  10. Type 1 diabetic here in the uk, not that old and generally good control but still worried. I’m not totally self isolating yet, but I’m lucky in that I can work from home as easily as going in to work so that’s what I’m doing for the foreseeable future. Got the cupboards stocked up with some canned stuff and eating as much fresh / healthy stuff in the meantime in case it comes to having to lock the door. Pretty gutted that the Code Club I run in the office has been cancelled for now (not by me, that happened before I decided to work from home) cause that’s a real high point in my week, we were also having Tim Peake in next week to speak to the kids and that’s also understandably being cancelled. There’s a few good gigs coming up as well that I’m going to have to miss (assuming they don’t get cancelled). Might be overreacting but I’d rather that. TBH I know I’m lucky that my work means I can take this kind of action with no real disruption but I don’t understand why anyone, healthy or not, wouldn’t take the same precautions if they had the option.
  11. Not sure tbh. My wife was great and when I was diagnosed we went 100% gluten free in the house (since we had my daughter we’ve changed that, but still don’t have flour in the house and bread etc is all on one isolated work surface). I do know though that when I go to other people’s houses and stay I tend to get a bit of a sore stomach afterwards even if they’re really careful, not a full blown attack but a bit bothered, so I guess there’s something in it. No other explanation for it really. Just something I’ve had to come to expect (the alternative is hiding in your house and fuck that 😂).
  12. Another gluten intolerant here, diagnosed 10 years or so ago as a result of standard tests they do if you’re diabetic cause the two are linked. Things are a lot better know than they were even 10 years ago, selection is much better. Still a total pain if you’re going out socially though.
  13. ‘facts’ No I agree, those are facts. This is just how fucked up things are that you can just pretend things aren’t facts if you don’t like those facts. That clip is horrible, it’s like something off a bad dystopian future film.
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