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  1. Warmed up the tubes, switched on the RE-201. Vermona DSR-3 was in good health. Reharmonised the track a bit Dubbed out dance
  2. Yeah, the Rakka out take is astonishing
  3. You can. https://vladislavdelay.bandcamp.com/community
  4. I’ve been asked not to post 2600 ☹️ what an idiot I am for sharing my gear
  5. Ok, will do! I'm busy today, but tomorrow weekend I'll post my thoughts and some samples.
  6. Oh shit, the 2600 arrived earlier than I expected. I’d post some thoughts, but you lads wouldn’t be interested.
  7. I think you don’t fully understand what the word “virtue” means. Don’t worry, English isn’t my first language either. Here: Moral excellence and righteousness; goodness I’m not sure what behaviour of mine could be described as such. Now you’ll need to excuse me for the evening - my wife is out on business, so my girlfriend is popping over soon. Talk tomorrow.
  8. I’ve ordered the 2600. Should be here Friday. I’ll eat a steak for you too. 2ACID4U
  9. All consumption is moral under capitalism. Whether you agree with it or not is the question really. it disgust me to see such virtue signalling here. Like anyone cares if you’re not going to buy something (not you specifically). It’s the like guy who tells everyone he doesn’t eat meat. Only he cares. You got me, I am John Duncan. Well, that’s a weight off my mind.
  10. It’s edgy to point out people talking shit, about things they’d never buy in order to virtue signal on a forum where 99.9% of people agree with them? You are all so boring.
  11. ITT, broke ass hipsters telling people what they’re to righteous to buy. In the mean time, stealing VSTs from every manufacturer ? Mobys, Mobys everywhere! My Moogs are loaded with sweatshop Chinese components. Don’t hear anyone complaining
  12. I’m sure Uli is weeping about all the imaginary bucks you’re not spending now.
  13. As a counterpoint, I’m going to step up how much Behringer gear I buy to support Uli and his ballsy jokes. Fancy the 2600 actually.
  14. The more I listen to it the more I like it. The production is really interesting I think, and it does a wonderful job of describing the desolate, harsh scenes of barren wilderness. i think this, along with Visa are albums that V has been trying to make for his entire career. I’m not sure why everyone seems to be describing this as his first “angry” album. Sistol / Uusitalo got plenty of angry stuff, as did the Ripatti release (which everyone should check out). I’m really looking forward to hearing the Sly & Robbie stuff. I think it will be fabulous.
  15. I ran a few of these in my old studio. They sounded transparent to me and never cussed me any issue. My advice to to keep them at line level though
  16. You know, I wasn't really feeling the yellow one so I got the silver too. I think I'll buy a third and make some sort of polyphonic 303...
  17. Lol, you guys people are the biggest bunch of Mobys I’ve ever met ??
  18. No, why would you draw that conclusion? We are very different though. I find it really interesting that you guys have such a polarising (I was going to say black and white) view of things. "One thing good = other thing bad". Imagine if things were a little more nuanced than that. Also, it was MIXL2 that felt the need to point out the use of the word 'man' in my original post. Never mind the fact that 1) I am a man, and that is my point of view 2) the subject is a man 3) 'man up' is analogous for "grow up". But maybe it's me that's wrong. God bless Trump
  19. Why you frightened of being a man? Because it's difficult? Because there are expectations? There's a reason we let women and children of first - what one are you? The world isn't WATMM or Reddit. God bless Trump
  20. Other. Doing 7:30 - 16:00. Half day Friday. I enjoy it, I essential decide how we will interfaces with V2X infrastructure and autonomous vehicles. I have also committed a number of use cases to EU legislation and delegated acts.
  21. Nah mate, not that easy. I enjoy giving a circle jerk a reality check. Besides, who the fuck wants to be in a forum where everyone agrees with your safe opinions? God bless Trump
  22. Too fucking right being a man is good. What sort of water brained idiot wants a forced apology for an intentional action? It’s worthless. Fuck, it’s worthless even if it’s genuine. You know who wants a forced apology? Someone trying to pressure people into behaving how they see fit. Even if you disagree with what Uli did, at least it was his own actions. And now I know what he thinks, and you do too. Now we can both make decisions based on that, rather than some whitewashed press release. God bless Trump.
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