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  1. Finally went through everything I enjoyed in 2020. Top 30 or so in no real order. The Necks - Three Hidden Orchestra - Creaks Chris Smith - Second Hand Smoke Jim O'Rourke - Shutting Down Here Jim O'Rourke - Steamroom 47-51 Fools - Fool's Harp Vol. 1 Ana Roxanne - Because of a Flower Pausal - Melatonia Misha Panfilov Sound Combo - Days as Echoes Takeleave - Belonging The Microphones in 2020 Meitei - Kofu Chris Abrahams - Appearance Loren Connors - Beautiful Dreamer Tatsuhisa Yamamoto - Ashiato & Ashioto K-LONE
  2. Nice. Can’t remember hearing that one before, thanks for posting. I couldn’t really get into the last couple records either. Also agree with @usagi that around the time of Angels/Demons is probably the peak. As good as those are I still think “bees..” will always be my favourite. Love the sound of that record it’s so relaxing for metal. I used to get blazed and think I was moving really slowly like a dinosaur listening to it lol. I saw them live in 2012 and they sounded amazing. Pentastar still gets a run fairly regularly as well.
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