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  1. I spent quite a bit of time listening to Vision of Disorder awhile back. There was a fairly active underground hardcore scene in my city, but I was listening to a lot of different styles and never got fully into the straightedge side of things.
  2. Too bad the show got cancelled, the online event is a cool idea though, hope it went well! My sister is in the events industry and they're getting hit really hard at the moment by everything that's happening with COVID-19. Hopefully pretty soon it will have run its course and things will be back to normal again.
  3. Star Trek Picard – it’s been okay but nothing like the originals. It’s still cool to see cameos from old characters though. I have a lot of time for Patrick Stewart, 79 and still going strong!
  4. That is a very cool concept, thanks for sharing. Just picked 2000s, Mongolia and got this interesting track, shared by a guy whose profile picture looks like Sam Elliott :) <iframe width="388" height="162" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" src="http://radiooooo.com/widget.html?id=e0ff0578-38c0-4417-867c-bef216b34526" />
  5. Happy music and a guy dancing around in a watermelon suit – can’t go wrong
  6. element24

    folk metal

    You might like Vàli – mainly instrumental, but I think they fit the folk metal definition / genre.
  7. https://youtu.be/dwDns8x3Jb4 (how do I embed a video rather than just posting a link?)
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