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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Zkt6TGi58w
  2. +1 for the sound from hang drums. Can get a similar sound from tank drums: This is also cool:
  3. The Gnostics mentioned above advocated monogamy, so the “sex cult” label isn’t warranted or accurate. They did have a tantric practice, based on principles common to Eastern traditions like Hinduism, Buddhism and Taoism, but it was clearly explained as something only for couples in their private lives. On the English form of Gnosticism, almost all the 90,000+ people who attended the free courses had a positive or neutral experience and left amicably, and neither Mark nor anyone else made any money from it as it was a registered religious charity. Most people never took on positions in the organisation, they just attended the free courses and left. The few who supposedly “spoke out” had actually been asked to leave the organization for misconduct, and only started making baseless accusations when their attempts to come back were denied. They were joined by a few other people with their own agendas, like certain religious people and others who just hated people with different beliefs. Their false claims were all addressed and refuted with evidence years ago. It was actually some of them that went into hiding to avoid accountability when they were followed-up by governmental anti-discrimination commissions.
  4. https://open.spotify.com/playlist/5UKoP5M0ioOOFEGVfpo6pK Like it, very chilled out
  5. I spent quite a bit of time listening to Vision of Disorder awhile back. There was a fairly active underground hardcore scene in my city, but I was listening to a lot of different styles and never got fully into the straightedge side of things.
  6. Too bad the show got cancelled, the online event is a cool idea though, hope it went well! My sister is in the events industry and they're getting hit really hard at the moment by everything that's happening with COVID-19. Hopefully pretty soon it will have run its course and things will be back to normal again.
  7. Star Trek Picard – it’s been okay but nothing like the originals. It’s still cool to see cameos from old characters though. I have a lot of time for Patrick Stewart, 79 and still going strong!
  8. That is a very cool concept, thanks for sharing. Just picked 2000s, Mongolia and got this interesting track, shared by a guy whose profile picture looks like Sam Elliott :) <iframe width="388" height="162" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" src="http://radiooooo.com/widget.html?id=e0ff0578-38c0-4417-867c-bef216b34526" />
  9. Happy music and a guy dancing around in a watermelon suit – can’t go wrong
  10. element24

    folk metal

    You might like Vàli – mainly instrumental, but I think they fit the folk metal definition / genre.
  11. https://youtu.be/dwDns8x3Jb4 (how do I embed a video rather than just posting a link?)
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