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  1. if y'all ever get the chance to visit the homeplace of Ulysses S. Grant in Eire. give me a shout, we can smoke joints and blast Ae from a bluetooth speaker across the green green grass of home
  2. Their ¥? exxaccccctllllllly.... like Fr. Bigly!
  3. sorry. had to say that, i take no responsibility for anything i say, like the president of the united states. (wrong thread)
  4. thanks for the namedrops. liked Locusts 90s stuff and mark van hoens mego album, defo gonna check them out
  5. its like Zappa said, writing about music is like tap-dancing about kebabs
  6. sean lost his british accent Just say No, to stopping taking drugs
  7. sorry folks, im draggin my feet here, but word to the wise, never trust a lady called mindy..
  8. and now for something completely different
  9. just got my copy of the 14th edition, printed on valentines day this year. irrelevant factoid but i had to share
  10. refuse all labels. 'i know you are, but what am i?'
  11. pink hair. case closed. rabid radical-leftwing lgbtqi+ american-hating communist drug-dealing menstruating bleedin heart virtue signalling mexican forest unraking non-nuclear weapon holding stranger-loving democracy-valuing loser
  12. this coke? from sustainable farms in patagonia..where every oompa loompa gets union rates..
  13. a mexican stand-off if you will if you dont take the time to check were your food or clothes come from, heck way they gonna check where there 'truth' comes from
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