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  1. Hello all Recently joined, love the quality of music on this forum. I released my debut LP on Keysound Recordings a few months ago and it's had a pretty polarising response. I kinda hate writing about it myself so stealing Boomkat's review of it (mostly for the use of the word swang): https://boomkat.com/products/space-between-stars-6e128469-6bf3-43ac-b746-d97d3d2cd580 London’s Lyeform scales up his sound with widescreen scope in ‘Space Between Stars’, his debut longform release, via Dusk & Blackdown’s Keysound. For the first three tracks you may be wondering if this is the same Keysound behind stacks of garage, grime and dubstep, as Lyeform sets his parameters with blazing Vangelis synth brass in ‘A New Uprising’, alongside the pulsating panoramic piece ‘Quanta’ and a dusty solo piano and electronics piece ‘Waking Life’ that wouldn’t sound out of place on Erased Tapes. But he does finally get into the swang of it with the title tune’s blend of dancehall tech-knocks and soaring synths, precipitating a darker turn of events between the cyber-noir swagger of ‘Nighthawk’, while making room for the tangy 8-bit baroque shuffler ‘Ruins’, and an epic finale with the Burial-esque melodrama, ’Cold was the Night’, and the glittering breakbeat garage allure of ‘Distant Shores.’ https://open.spotify.com/album/50VMbYwAWZE7GpH8UsPagi Dusk and Blackdown who run Keysound had a long chat with me about the album here whilst playing the LP in full (and some other music that influenced the LP): If you like this release my other work on Keysound: https://bleep.com/release/83848-lyeform-things-betwixt-ep Cheers Ben
  2. If they stuck to original budget but decent synths I could get behind them, the Deepmind was a pretty good first go, and they did their own R&D for it - which i think Uli Behringer was closely involved with. Reverse engineering products and use their economies of scale to undercut manufacturers isn't really that cool.
  3. New here so feel free to ignore me but: Personally i'd lose the grimey bass for something meatier that kinda fits in the mix a bit better, programming is cool but the sound isn't right imo (and not something that needs tweaking). Also work on the mix of the breaks, layer them up and play with it a bit more.
  4. ello everyone, just joined cus of social distancing and all that. Is there an intro thread or something? Working my way through this thread.
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