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  1. In this work, AZ-Rotator flees from complexity and embraces a simplicity sometimes melancholic, other times optimistic, that tries to transport the listener to different places full of energy and vitality in a contained but at the same time intense way. From mantras that transport you to a place you've never been to, to melodies that could serve to end a long night watching the dawn together with someone you love. Songs that avoid meticulous editing, and express a certain moment that has not wanted to be modified to don’t lose that essence. Songs composed during the confinement era, which advocates the need to find normality as we know. In short, a deep album, composed in a deep moment, which takes the interior of the structure, to highlight even more the character of the music itself and touch inside. AZ-Rotator / Look Inside Self-released Format: Digital Credits: Composed by Uge Ortiz in 2020. Mastering: Paranoise Gallery http://www.paranoisegallery.com/ Buy here: https://az-rotator.bandcamp.com/album/look-inside AZ-Rotator: http://www.az-rotator.com/
  2. I think this album carries a message. I listen to the album and I see a progress of situations. Or maybe I should stop taking drugs.
  3. Bro, thanks!!! Your music is part of my inspiration! :)))
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