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  1. 13 hours ago, lyst said:

    I've never met anyone that actually likes that kid....  

    What in particular do you like about him?  I'm intrigued.

    I just spent two days listening to his tracks on his Soundcloud trying to grasp at something, but came up with nothing.

    This track in particular 


    Sounds like 1 million other rappers trying to rap right now.  


    I mean, I don’t listen to him on the regular or anything, but nothing ever made me think, “Why is DOOM wasting time on this MC.” He’s solid, not amazing. I probably should have expanded on that.

    And in all honesty, with all the blindingly good hip hop that’s been coming out the past two years, I haven’t really been waiting for a DOOM project. I’m already well fed at the moment. A second Madvillain would be brilliant though, but I’m not holding my breath.

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