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  1. Poborsk has put out some stuff on his bandcamp last month, originally released on Tsuku Boshi, as well as new stuff released today under his "Bill Vortex" moniker - all very nice stuff - https://poborsk.bandcamp.com/album/droid-topiary-frame https://poborsk.bandcamp.com/album/droid-topiary-frame-vol-2-3 https://poborsk.bandcamp.com/album/r-o-s ... and also more other stuff. https://poborsk.bandcamp.com/album/world-of-sine-extended https://poborsk.bandcamp.com/album/radioactive-summer etc.
  2. oh , crazy. well, now that I think of it, a few days ago, I was talking with a guy who runs a small metal label and he was saying he's having issues with huge delay for his ongoing vinyl releases project.
  3. @Acrelidhello, I've been listening to "rochdale canal walkout" quite a few times this year. "exymena" & "manglade" are some fav tracks. I hope I will take time to listen to all these other stuff.
  4. pretty much yeah. but, he will always be around in our minds an souls ! R.I.P. mr the upsetter ♥️
  5. neurone


    ⬆️ woah ! exellent
  6. oooh yeah !, straight ahead : turning volume up, laying down and listening (remembering I was lucky having them live in hometown back in the early 2000's, the line up was ace : Kit Clayton + Pole + Phoenecia.)
  7. neurone


    @droid thanks for spotting this up. did'nt know about this . yeah I'm a total fan of adrian sherwood.since a long time. very peculiar sound, he broughts out a special touch in uk's (even worldwide) dub scene, I think. especially some of his "on-u sound" label stuff, including dub syndicate and african head charge. @cern if you want to dig some very special 80's u.k. dub stuff,(-edit, this next track I post is from '93) this is worth checked out a listen !
  8. same here. but might be too much money for Polytix 's budget. or as one said, look for second hand. heard friends happy with the mac M1 also.
  9. neurone


    (one of my top five favourite band of all times all genres)
  10. neurone


    oh fuck yeah , The DUB Topic !!!! (of course there is one on watmm, me cunt, I just didn't search for it so far) I'm gonna spend the next days listening to all of your posts ( and will probably discovers great tunes) I will contribute with some stuff I love to death since I'm a kid I'm a dubhead
  11. It's as good as Carney Impost., wich is ace. keep on going !
  12. woah nice ! but who is that crazy to make a wobbly pile of 12 on a chair (wich probably have wobbly wheels) ha
  13. watched this last night and liked It. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BPM_(Beats_per_Minute) It's about a.i.d.s in the french gay circle, and how they tried to struggle with the political /social issues around it . and about some struggling with pharmaceutical industries. (nothing to do with music, despite the title, as one could think first time)
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