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  1. I can't live with less than 6 aux sends. there's a midas analogue monitor desk that is no more in use at the venue i'm working. it have 16 aux. if it would fit in my room I would bring it home and have fun. - it's for sale btw, if anyone interested 🙂 (midas sienna 480)
  2. oh, this looks very interesting ! I like the fact that the routing is totally free, can be very creative. and I like the fact that it's tiny. so it fits easily in a live setup. I use a lot my old TC Fireworx, it's basically a multi effect with effect blocs you can choose and put in any routing (serial and/or parallel), and it have a modulation matrix with loads of differents modulation source, wich is ace, for example you could have a LFO modulating a formant filter , then sending the filter output to a distortion, the send amout being controlled by a built in step sequencer, then you could use another LFO that control the rate of the first LFO, wich gives very lively / morphing effects. also you can have feedback point inbetween each effects blocks. every single parameters of each effect is aviable to be modulated by the modulation matrix and/ or external midi , wich is great you can save 99 user patches. it's a 1U-rack type of device. the sound engine is old now tough, (pitch and phasers are not so great) , but I really love how flexible it is. actually the ZOIA seems to be able to do the same kind of things, exept maybe for the modulation matrix. also using : TC eleltronics D-TWO, TC electronics Time Factor, Waldorf 2-pole, and an old zoom distortion pedal wich have a knob that swithes between 6 different distortion types, very crunchy. usually followed by a dod envellope filters. there's a whole lot of new stuff that looks awesome nowadays, would like to try some of those mutant monkey shop's stuff
  3. Well , up to now, Ae shows pops up very sparingly since the first announcement..... I really hope there will be one show I can go to.. (last time I saw them was the oversteps tour)
  4. yep, Sean did say,in the chat during his 2020 mixlr broadcast, "live set is 99% ready, we just have to make the intro"
  5. I think it's supposed to be the (delayed due to covid) SIGN / PLUS tour actually, but who knows...
  6. yeah cool, yeah there will be more booking to come I guess btw I wonder how much it costs to book them.
  7. ha lol ! well, time will tell... I, too, hope it will stay fair with artists and users.
  8. Yo, I discovered MBM recently (actually I knew about them for a while but never really listened to it) since a few month I'm totally diggin it and I like it a lot !
  9. +1 on "womb" now listening to the album, i like it
  10. it's more often like : "i'm shure you like autechre or afx", more than "you do sound like..."
  11. I love this album. been listening to it since 20+years and it's still a pristine pleasure. especially on vinyl. dunno why but, to me, works great in very early morning of a hot summer day. or in autumn evenings also. thinking of a landscape of rusty, wasted industrial factories with plants and trees growing upon it. Rotar, Stud and Overand are among my favourite tracks of all time.
  12. neurone


    just randomly found this on youtube, sounds interesting edit : actually a few good tracks, along with more cheesy boring stuff.
  13. neurone


    oh yeah man, how many times I'v listened to Consumed, chilling down on my sofa... one of my fav' mental dub album
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