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  1. lol yes also : light designers : dealing with 500 fixtures, huge led pixel-mapping etc. while the sound guy next to him just have to press "play" on the playback audio file ....edit ...ok maybe the singer is live... or even maybe not actually. that's tv ...
  2. @Himelstein cool stuff ! especially the "solar cell" . and also the "raw buster" experime,t is fun.
  3. I think it's fine to have that option. that said, I won't use it because sometimes it's interesting to see what people around the world (say, to the watmm scale) are interested in I mean, sometimes when I see that a lot of people feed comments in a topic, it will throw me in reading a topic I won't bother to at first, but in the end I would learn a bit about something, or at least have insights about how people (out of my usual network) think about some facts, and it's rewarding most of the time . that's why I'm around watmm quite often, even if my first interest out of it was talking about electronic music and discovering new music stuff. this have been beyond that now for me. Not shure if my english will translate correctly about that, well I mean watmm is a nice place for rising my mind 🙂
  4. oh, you have a link to this stuff you're doing ?
  5. actually yeah most of the stuff is re-housing existing synth, maybe with a slight mods sometime. nice indeed. btw I did'nt know about the "conway's game of life" thing he used in one of his stuff. so I went discovering all that cellular automation shit. interesting It's probably already a well-known thing in here though. anyway : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Conway's_Game_of_Life
  6. yes he does ! I love the design of that one :
  7. yeah actually the guy's a design artist of some sort. now browsing his channel. nice works.
  8. yeah probably Starlink satellites saw some a few days ago, it was exactly what @luke viia described and like the vid @t yst r just posted
  9. well, not to that point. lots of people are tired of restrictions (so do I) but it seems to me that quite a lot still take care (so do I). yet, it is still too much people not giving a fuck, I agree. yeah this. I agree. could be frustrating for people having to wear a mask to see people wich don't. it's not helping. (actually here, we all still have to wear it, being vaxxed is not a reason not to wear a mask actually, am I wrong ? coz seems like vaxxed could still spread some virus around, in some cases, i.i.r.c.) that said, I admit we get rid of the mask with some very very close friends when we gather each other in particular context (still rarely), thinking "as we've been taking extreme care outside of our own circle, we have confiance in each other not being infected so we think it's safe loosing out a bit about that" yet we keep distancing and not sharing stuff like dishes, glasses, etc. this + regular testings , but I admit it's not a 100% valid safe behaviour. we try do do our best about this, I would say.
  10. All this happening, (since years and counting), and in the last few days the french government forbidding manifestations from french people supporting palestinians... while they are claiming france is the land of human rights and democracy ?oh come on. I really feel shame. (and anger) forbidding manifestations almost never happens here in france, usually. why that now? Israel is a good buyer of french aircraft warfare btw. buisness rules... (this amongst other geopolitical reason - but wich also sucks) shame.
  11. oh sorry, I didn't mean this by using the "golden era" & "riiight rudies" words. just having fun coz ther'es benn quite a lot of 94-95 tracks posted on the thread recently. I like all jungle drum& bass (whatever) from every era. And I agree with you, it's not useful (for me at least) to try and say this is jungle, this is drum n bass, etc. BUT you might be talking about previous page discussions, not reacting to the "golden era" thing so nevermind if I misunderstood. 🙏
  12. back to some Kid Lib tunes - "homage to the golden era", title fits fine for the thread, riiiiiight rudies ?
  13. Yeah man, I have to upload it again coz previous dl links are not valid anymore, I will upload tomorrow and p.m. you .
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