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  1. going off topic but, talking about sublimit : I found similarity in sublimit and X4, about where it starts and where it ends(even if both tracks have different sounds & a different mood) both are starting in a feeling of a rush and then gets soothing at the end,still with an overall dramatic thing, sort of a balance between fear ond hope, hard to describe actually but ... something
  2. whaaaat ? ! only first half ? you're kidding me !
  3. there's a few tracks on oversteps that I can only listen at low volume, because those high-pitched, upfront-in-the-mix synths are really physically hurting my ears. this and the melody being a bit annoying to me (especially the - known(1) / O=0 / d-sho qub - run ) actually I often skip those when I listen to the album. it's weird because this never happens to me with any other of their tracks (exept maybe chilchil, from chiastic) even "F7" from SIGN, wich have very upfront / high pitched / high rms level synths, feels ok to me at high volume, comparing to those few overste
  4. shure , but right now you're saving a lot of space in your studio, and might have way more routing options than with an analogue mixer. I still stuck to my mixer coz I love the instant access on every fader & aux sends , dub-style mixing, instant control on feedback loops without latency, etc... and I always works on livesets, using clip mode not arrangement mode, for the sake of playing live. but If I you work on proper studio tracks, ITB mixing is more flexible and it's easier to get excatly what you want, you can automate and save settings etc, wich I cannot. hey
  5. focusrite scarlett are fine, but if you have a bit more money to throw in, RME fireface800 is great.
  6. you will laught at me, but I'm still using abelton V.5 and still does not feel like I need any upgrade since then. ...well I only use midi clips to feed a full hardware setup, mixed on analogue mixer, actually. so it does the job, obvioulsy.
  7. these boy's dance steps are awesome. those speed variations control on foot drifting, man, ace. (regardless of the ae track pasted upon the video, just talking about their moves) edit ... well indeed this works well with the ae track also, as does the whole ghetto rainy street context
  8. some nice electronic cumbia on ZZK record label a few years ago. didn't get back into it for a while , but it seems they are still pretty busy releasing music : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQtSSL64M3Iu_Htoj_Sf3oA
  9. oh yeah ? well,! I'm a bit disappointed they asked for this... I like the fact that they play in total darkness, it make total sense. but if they're playing outdoors and at daytime, I would be quite disturbed facing a big canvas, it would be awkwarding, i'd rather see them actually. We know that they consider there is nothing interesting in watching them, they prefer to have the public focused on the sound, wich is fine....but yet, having that canvas as a stage visual would be very strange to me. dunno... lucky boy ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ–•
  10. ah I found it back ! but actually it's not a video, just a photo with 17 minutes of audio. nevermind.
  12. chillin' under the sun listening to untilted liveset ๐Ÿ˜Ž ...quite unsusal, as they usually play in the dark. I saw another youtube short video of another ae live in daylight (from early 2000 era) , bt I can't find it back now. ps : I made a bit of search trough the autechre topics, surprisingly it seems this had not been posted yet on the forum, (if I'm wrong , sorry for the re-post )
  13. variants is a real issue for sure. hopefully, since now,current covid vaccines seems to be efficient on new variants... but for example in a particular area in france, they discovered a new variant a few weeks ago, wich is not more deadly or contagious, but this variant is not detected by standard pcr testing ! , so it created clusters in a very short amount of time. people were symptomatic but the test was negative, yet some days after some of them went hospital because actually they do have serious covid issues indeed. so they figured out something was wrong an they rea
  14. neurone


    I like that 2/4 snare drop, it adds to the "being in a rush " feeling of the 1st part of the track, and even gives a bit of a speeding up. "being in a rush because something bad is coming around so you want to escape" sort of thing.... the whole track swings between tragdey and hope, in my mind ...the tilte might be a basic emoji, now that I see It.... X4 someone suffering, or being angry. (X4) ...more likely both.
  15. neurone


    on first listen, the noise at the start of the track instantly made me think of this :
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