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  1. yeah you're right, i've been listening to the new stuff since my first post, very good production / sound but way more "normal" / not original. glad to read you about it 😉
  2. hey i've been listening to "emprism" a few days back, and for the second time just now, i like it ! especially tracks n°2 and n°5.
  3. might have been already reported, (i did not find it via the search engine of the forum) so just in case...
  4. oh yeah please start it. ! last ones were fun. i might contribute this time
  5. https://padk-rad.com/ https://padk-rad.bandcamp.com/ Anyone here know this guy from chicago ? it's really cool. I've been listening to his stuff since like 15 years now, and I never ever met someone who knew about him, he seems totally off the radar. i've been doing a quick search on watmm but found nothing related to him here (maybe i'm wrong !! ) I did not checked it out since a few years and I just saw he still releases stuff. you can download for free tons of their early stuff on the https://padk-rad.com the style switched a bit from eclectic lo-fi electro to more soft tech/house oriented stuff since around 2010, when 2 of the 3 original band member left. in the old releases, check out "401K-RAD", "UTLTY", "T12 CD", "coldwentmodem"
  6. man, you're all ok to me. i guess you and me have had the same question about it and we ended having the same awnser . and obvioulsy i guess Sean knews that everything he would say on the twitch chat might be reported by fans, if it was a problem for him we would not even came to chat in. as the chat history is lost, load of fans here will be happy to read your report.
  7. oh i've been gardenin a lot these last two month. mainly vegetables. mid of spring here so time to plant summer vegs looks tike typical slug damage, if you didn't already think of it. check out at night if you see some on your plants. . those bastards are my main (if not only, ) ennemies in my vegetables garden., especially when crops are still small. I can give advice if you need.
  8. yeah you're totally right . paparazzi would be if you sneak into his personal life, wich is not the case. i was stupid. (though it was almost a joke in a way) anyway thanks I'm the first to be happy to read it
  9. well thanks for the chat report, 'coz i've been on twitch a few minutes, then leave for lunch with family just when the chat with Sean started, then came back just when it was over hahah (nevermind, familly is way mor important) but .... happy I will be able to read all this interesting stuff (even if it feel like a paparrazi thing , quoting every single sing sean says on then chat to report...idk... well fuck it)
  10. chat melting artwork, kind of modern ephemeral digital pop art
  11. is the chat text auto-glitched by the channel, or are chatters having fun posting emjojis-painting art ? that's even more cool ..oh ok i get it, the chat text is interacting with the video. so fun.
  12. oh boys, that stuff is cool ! didn't check the 4techre twitch channel for a time, (last time was the , says, "v.2", chopped vid/sounds thing) enjoying it right now. this will be my lullaby for tonight thanks for reporting (....err... well that's what watmm is for , keeping updated with ae.. 😉 )
  13. oh, in the track "dream" on the "modern rave" lp, there's the exact same drum sample that's in aphex's track "quad rave TEAC" (might be a famous sample i guess)
  14. yeah i just saw it on bleep..... great news ! well let's give an ear to the clips......YEEEEAHHHHH pure old school jungle 🤪 perfect for me (old school but inna vibert's style yeeeeaaahh)
  15. yeah, Omikron and Amen Lare, you might be right about the added generated kick and percs, now that i think about it i've been back listening to it after seeing your posts, and yes the kick sound comes across different vids with the same sound. barely changes. ...and now i can't manage to stop watching this 🙂 it's hypnotic haha
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