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  1. I think the man's review (or analysis as it's called) is quite on point for a first listen (if he's not faking about it being his first listen before commenting) I mean he spots out some typical ae synesthesia . wich shows that ae is def a singular experience. or I could say "he's been autechreised" ,also he feels seasick with dynamics (unterstand : movements) where I feels appeased with it... typical reaction for a first listen this needs accoutumance to enjoy maybe (...all what I said pretty obvisous to us ae addicts I guess)
  2. exactly . and the 3or 6db loss is not a problem since you have gain control on the mixer input (-30db would be more a problem) yes . especially if you directly feed a P.A. or powered speakers. unbalanced ouputs are ok if you can use DI boxes or balancing transformers, or if the wire are not too long and magnetic envrionement clean enough. both RCA or 1"4 unbalanced jacks are usually shielded - with a more or less effective shield accodring to materials and quality, but they're equal on that point to me as far as we're talking unbalanced. yeah balanced inputs options on DJ mixers you often don't have this. maybe on the fx return channels sometimes
  3. @Summon Dot E X Eben listening to some of your bandcamp last night. fun stuff. all over the place sometimes but somes tunes i do really like. is everything made with reason ?
  4. and if you just use an jack - to - rca cable, this will work ok , doesn't it ? anyway I found out that pioneer mixers are ok if you use digital pioneer player with it, but when you feed it with a pair of MKII or a synth or whatever, it's no good . the DA input converters are too crisp and too trebbly IMO. allen & heath dj mixers do a much better job for hybrid dj / live setups. (IMO again) especially the ones wich have a full analogue signal path.
  5. looks like reason evolved a lot since I once used it in my early years of production I might try it back just to try out all these devices you're talking about. some of them looks very interesting. I'e been told the sound engine is way better than it was, so the sound is more precise and more defined. I used to like subtractor and malstrom. here's a weird track I made (around 2006) wich where made with just a single malstrom. no fxs, no sequences, just me on the midi keyboard + mapped midi knobs controlling the two oscs, mods and adsr, straight down to tape.
  6. yes, I should have guessed indeed, because I realised " ca vous faut une belle jambe " translated in "it gives you a nice leg" but this means nothing in english. a real human traduction would say "you just don't care about it" anyway , nevermind, as soon as it works for what you have to say in there. cheers.
  7. @splesh yeah man. I bump it twice with a couple of tracks (tracks I've been putting in a dj mix at pretty high volume a few days ago and that was just like yeeeaahh)
  8. either the google traduction is pretty accurate, or it's you making a joke and didn't used google translate at all. .... though ,i don't get the "long live the fresh ham" thing 🧐
  9. Hey this is really very nice !!! my beloved local alternative radio is even listed in there @yekker good find ! thanks -- very interesting in many ways
  10. haha ! sure. that's exactly what happened to me when I ordered "modern rave + rave hop + presents : amen andrew" the 12"s arrived in my metal mailbox while I was away for a few days. weather was really hot . I went : oh shit they gonna be melted ! fortunately, they were just very slightly deformed, but allright. didn't alter the sound. the fact that they were pakaged in thick cardboard + bubble wrap saved it from total carnage I guess. still, have to be carefull with orders in hot summer
  11. I never met S & R myself , but I went to an Ae show in france with friends, one of them worked at a local radio (very very small local radio), he asked Sean and Rob for an interview before the show, they said "yes okay !" I did'nt go backstage with him but according to my friend they where very nice dudes. they rolled a spliff and shared it with him during the interview. This was the untilted tour, 25 april 2005, city : Reims, venue : "la cartonnerie". very good sound system and acoustics. Great AE liveset. Rob Hall and SND were playing also.
  12. holy shit , all this stuff this is so fun
  13. about those quaristice tracks : not shure if it was 100% renoise... It could be renoise along with a bunch of third party vst stuff or along with the elektrons... can't understand his english flow well enough sometimes
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