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  1. on my first listen, some tracks made me think "it souds like ignatius stuff" (no joke 😉) the first two ones i guess
  2. @proswell this track is great (actually I played it on a radio show where I was guested as a dj, last week ) the whole compilation is awesome btw. I bought it via bandcamp, a very good investment.
  3. still hits me immaculate 30 years later. the whole soundtrack is ace, with those weird drums sounds and crazy synth seqs.
  4. (the clear-sounding synth notes in) Metaz form8 somehow reminds me of some brian eno things
  5. @plugexpert well I've been going on listening to your stuff since then, (and I even bought some via bandcamp) but in particular today, I have to say that ""when I saw her uncloak" (form super many guns album)" is total bliss, currently one of my favorite tracks, played it again like 6 times today, instant dancing ! wicked, groovy , sexy, yet not cheesy, fine production, I'm all in 🤪 come on watmmers, if you need some straight happyness, just listen to this ! https://plugexpert.bandcamp.com/track/when-i-saw-her-uncloak
  6. ... no, no.. I haven't been drinking a full six-pack of Duvel, this is official from Jahrp records.
  7. ah, @Draft78 I did'nt read your post before posting mine.... looks like we feel exactly the same about it (along with @eye that i've just quoted) along with some more dude 🙂
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