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  1. oh hey, thanks, that's a really interesting take on it, i like it. i'm kind of trying to find an interesting spot in between structured percussive stuff and more conventional ambient or droning music. appreciate the comments and the time
  2. poooosted up another one. at this rate i'll have an album by the time i'm 50
  3. congrats! happy NY and all that - love the detroit vibez on trip to uranus
  4. nice! i like the momentum it has. the riff that comes in around 20 seconds reminds me of post rock stuff like tortoise
  5. i was on the fence about these, and im buyin em now, really been looking for a nice new filter, and a different feeling eq
  6. haha, i'm probably subconsciously manifesting online meeting sounds now, great.
  7. thanks man, yea i was born and raised in minneapolis, but i actually juuust moved to LA. i'm putting more stuff up now
  8. posting some new stuff again!
  9. oh wow, thanks so much, i took a bit of a break, but i'm making stuff again now
  10. i'm glad you posted again, cuz i loved going through all the tracks in here, really woke me up this morning haha
  11. love the drum edits, i'd love to hear this have some more low end though!
  12. thanks, yea, it's straight up a wandering melody, its funny you mention that i was just thinking along those exact same lines as im sitting in front of my gear right now. it's a weird problem, to me at least, because if i get really too constructed around a verse/chorus/verse, then i don't feel i'm very good at making it sound anything but very static and predictable. i'm listening to a bunch of tracks right now where there's something more constructed, but escapes that
  13. Thanks for goin into it a bit, I was away for a sec there. Yea, I totally agree with you about field recs and natural samples in general. I think the brain has a tough time reconciling the 'more familiar' sound when it's totally divorced from its context. i think its similar to how we react to uncanny valley stuff. i just watched a doc about film sound design and it was really interesting to hear ben burtt, who did all the star wars sound design stuff, talk about how he wanted to use field recs to get away from the 'cheesy synth spaceship' type of scifi sounds of the 50s and 60s
  14. ighticle, would you mind talking about how you're shaping the sounds in the intro (sort of lives in the background after that too)? really squishy and organic sounding in a nice way
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