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  1. In soundcard even the ones near 100€ or less are fine. Personnaly I get an AudioBox96USB from Presonus and it's good, people with Scarlett aswell far from I heard. But with computer it's another issue : more your CPU is high, more you will have performances in your back. Between 400/500€ value normally the work could be done. Did you try to close every programs in order to be sure that all the performances go to the ones you want and only them ? Maybe close all the hiddens ones who take some "energy" to concentrate everything in your software and your stream. You could do both. I think when you get your automatism into this streaming way to show your work, when it's charging/you take a break, it could be time to announce your last release or to chat about things you love and make your music this way ; there is so much possibilities ! Find your particularity and let it be, you will have the receipe for enjoyment 🙂
  2. You're welcome :) I used add like the fact that you introduced new instrument into your composition
  3. Hi ! After read this post I went to twitch platform to try by myself and get a better opinion of it. I think the feedback you will have depend of what you construct with others and what you're looking for. We get the chance in these times to have some cheap and good technology to be able to share our work in real time ! I would say that you have to try at least to get another experience ! For example in the same time I streamed, someone came, and ask to do something together. He had all the instrumental part and the curiosity to add some voice on it. So we did, and now there is a trip-hop song in its way ! I connect everything with my sound card and OBS Studio, it's quite simple to parameter everything and tutos are on YouTube if you want confirmation of your settings. The last thing I would say is : if you do things by your own, why not share this time with others in order to make grow your tree ? 😉
  4. Hi ! I listened everything and nice sounds, I took pleasure especially on : [Integration] [Distance Driver] for my at 4:00 the add is too loud [Engineering And Design] at 2:27 I found the add too loud and at the end perfect [Sunset Aesthetic] I think it will be great to have the add around 1:00 with less attack to let breathe this new sound (like the one around 1:48). So nice around 3:00, I love it ! Well done 😉
  5. Nice one to produce all by yourself. And now with the technology and no stuff we can easily have an emergence solution for our medias, with our phone for example you can already have good images. If you're near or in Paris maybe you can go into Urbex places with abandonned houses etc, with graffitis and garbages of time : I think you could find your hapiness and show us great visual creations with your own music !
  6. Hi, I listened the tracks, I loved Letter & Illuminated Manuscript ! Nice sound, good job 🙂
  7. You're welcome, thanks to you to share your creations !
  8. Operator... In Ableton I also find some good sounds ! 😄 You're welcome, I tried to be as constructive as possible. As I said, this is my point of view so always keep in mind to take only what interest you. Even if it's for fun (and great ones are made by this way !), you never know which production will please to your audience ! And by practicing it will be easier to be faster on your video edit, as you are now with your tracks. Keep doing it and share your universe, we stay tuned 🙂
  9. Hi, The same as TheBro, Listen was good to hear, thanks for this, especially with the loop F G D# C D ! I appreciated the beginning of Drink till 1:21, it’s so good to go crescendo like this in the sound. I checked on your SoundCloud, your last live is quite good too 😀
  10. Hi, Such an amazing work, it's impressive ! Scriptural passages in this video are superb ; about me however I confess that from 2:13 to 2:44 I was less excited by these images. You have your own universe, it's good to view and hear ! [video Quarantine - The Ritual on your YouTube is really great] The music is fantastic, it reminds me the balance of a tightrope walker on the darkness of the world with the sound of the bell for the fence. Thanks for this sound I also check on your SoundCloud, seriously so good to hear your last one Eternal Darkness !
  11. Hi ! I enjoyed the music especially the drum passages with sizzling TV effect and the dark end but with the notes of light. Well done for your realization! I saw your second video on Youtube too, continues to produce and develop this creativity. As you also seem to be leaving on video content I allowed myself to detail my thoughts on your production ; I love your paradoxes between nature and concrete / civilization. The writings on the supports too, I find that the more careful and inscribed in the structure, the better it is for the authentic side of the images. For the vision of open-air landfills, personally I find them too raw compared to the rest. The scene with the passage of the people (framing their feet) is excellent, especially with the current events ; and in addition it detonates with the empty but cluttered areas of the previous scenes. Concerning the part of the drawings I think that stalling the images on the drums shots (even if it means splitting the videos into several pieces and making them return the necessary time of the passage) could energize and make crescendo this moment. Well done !!
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