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  1. Bespoke software modular coupled with my eurorack. Patch based on the concept of the circle of fifths. Work in progress.
  2. https://audius.co/FuzzyOctoShame/ab406
  3. Hah, I ended up having a back and forth with the manufacturer, it would seem the midi in is in fact defective, but the midi out and USB midi in both work so 🤷‍♀️
  4. Just purchased my first case and synth modules. I got the Polyend Poly 2 for expanding my modulation options but I hit a bit of a snag today when trying to get it up and running. For whatever reason, it doesn't appear to be receiving midi via the 3.5mm midi jack. I plugged the same midi into one of my synths and it worked fine, but not with the poly 2. After a couple of hours, I had the bright idea to try the USB connection, and it immidiately started working. I'm fairly new to modular and wasn't certain if I might be doing something incorrectly. Anyone have any insight?
  5. When the electric guitar and electric bass were widely released, Jazz Fusion appeared w/ Bitches Brew pretty quickly after the technology was introduced. Some technology advancements can make some pretty profound changes to the music scene pretty quickly.
  6. I'll try not to be long winded... I often come across people who get hung-up on their own music, often making comparisons to a certain piece of gear their favorite musician used, or they'll reference a podcast or video in which a musician w/ a modicum of success makes a statement like "Don't tune your kicks so that you can change the frequency they play, because a kick doesn't have a tone". Despite what gear they use, or what someone else says, in the end, if they themselves do not like the way something sounds, they shouldn't sacrifice what to them might sound good based on someone else's subjective opinion. Music is purely subjective to begin with, no matter what you make, you cannot please everyone. So, instead of trying to do so, I think it's likely more fulfilling to try to not let your subjectivity be swayed against your own gut, because you could ultimately regret it, and feel less fulfilled as a result. May be veering off topic at this point 😐
  7. I've been thinking about this a lot lately. I think ultimately it boils down to the question of, why are you making music in the first place. If you are attempting to make a living off of the music, or you're mixing someone else's track, then your own subjectivity may not align with the expectations of others. However, if you're making it for yourself, the only person's opinion that even matters is yours. I think a lot of artists want to belong in the latter camp, but are heavily influenced or preoccupied with the first.
  8. It's gone !!! 🥺 😭😭😭 ..NM, new link 😄 And its longer and was mixed more, bonus!
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