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  1. It's gone !!! 🥺 😭😭😭 ..NM, new link 😄 And its longer and was mixed more, bonus!
  2. Haha! Amazing soundtrack and editing!
  3. Can anyone tell me where this version of Olson comes from? Youtube sent it to me this morning and it's definitely not the album version...
  4. A few of my favorites from the last few years
  5. Just stumbled on your thread, great stuff, love the atmosphere / harmonics / reverbs, keep it up.
  6. So, this is a real product, I was just in stitches watching the "infomercial" for it...
  7. Lol, this perpetual argument was rehashed almost exactly on a stupid Facebook forum last week. Sums it up nicely.
  8. I can't help but feel like some of these are just remixed tracks from Chicago, Detroit, Redruth. Am I crazy?
  9. Thanks for the info, the synth I'm using doesn't support Midi CC pitch commands so that's no longer an option. Also, if I got a midi to CV gate, the only available input that can modulate pitch is the pulse width one and I don't think I'd achieve the desired results with that. So, I might end up just using the sequencer on the synth then running my soft synths with reaper. Luckily I've got 20 years of professional software engineering under my belt which had made a lot of this easier for me to pick up than anyone coming in blindly.
  10. Noob question, or not, regardless I'm still a Novice knob twiddler aspiring to become a Journeyman knob twiddler. I've always seemed to gravitate towards music that doesn't necessarily use 12 tone equal temperament and am discovering the limitations of attempting to write music that isn't 12 tone equal temperament with Midi. This has become even more evident with the purchase of an Analog synth last week. Using the synth, by itself, I have created some sequences and tuning that I'd love to be able to drive from Ableton so that I can either send additional notes to the oscillators on top of
  11. An external clock and a CV / midi control module are in my future...
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