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  1. Awesome album!!! 😄 Immediatly loved Codebreaker, I recognize the breaks from some Deathchant track as well 😄 But great listen troughout...especially loved Light That Never Fades and Illusion Of Gods...Light That Never Fades really has these looming synths in the background, love the eerie sound of it...Illusion of Gods is just really nicely gritty and flowy...really good album! 🙂

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  2. Just listened to it...nice album!! Good variety, like the sounds, seems to be lot of attention to detail...favorite track would be Dripping, like the danciness of it...didn't know Patricia before, but all in all nice album 🙂

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  3. To answer the topic question and questions in the starting post...I really just feel bad for you guys xD

    Trump as president must be one of the worst things that can happen to a country...Corona is awful, but that's happening everywhere...institutional racism is terrible, but unfortunately also that doesn't seem to be limited to America (happens here in The Netherlands as well unfortunately)...the rioting also seems to be terrible, but I can kind of understand where that comes from, mixed feeling about that...but can't be fully judgemental of it...

    But Trump as president...that's gotta be the worst of it all...and the thing is...it's not even the fact that Trump is president...it's the fact that he was elected...that there were actually millions of Americans who thought it would be a good idea to put him in the White House...I really hope for you guys that Trump will be gone after the next elections...but those millions Americans that elected him will still be there...I hope they will change their minds with the next elections...but still, their vote for Trump comes from somewhere...and that will come back again at some point...I hope your next president will do good in bringing the population together, and who goes for collaborating with everyone in the US + the rest of the world, instead of only catering to it's own...

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  4. Royal Astronomy. Seems to be one of the lesser loved albums in general of his, but I really like the melodic style on this one. Good to see there are some more fans in this topic ^^

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