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  1. I recently got the Sennheiser True wireless earbuds these have been beautiful so far. My friend has been using the Sony wh-1000xm3 as headphones. I have only got good feedback from home about those
  2. I was in the same position as you recently. I have been playing around with Blender a little, still really a beginner but I have found it an excellent tool to start doing some 3d (even 2d animation) with. If you have any experience using Unreal engine, they use key frames to animate objects which makes doing simple animations easy. This would definitely be a great place to start. Theres loads of helpful youtube videos
  3. I know it's super well known but I think in light of Morricones death, it's worth mentioning The Thing as a fantastic 80s film. Both feels very much of the time but the score is also masterful and not too much 80s cheese. I have been watching Sakamichi No Appolon recently, it's a beautiful show about a couple kids who play Jazz in high school. Even if Anime is not your thing I think this would really resonate with anyone who makes/plays music
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