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  1. Controversial about me: I have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, but not related to cleaning/checking. I will do anything to bust the myth that medication "kills" your creativity, because I have created more in the short year I have been on the right medication than I did in nearly the decade after things in my head got intense.
  2. He's definitely been bipolar his whole life. It's not something that he suddenly acquired, it will have been with him his whole adult life, probably longer, even if it wasn't diagnosed. That's how mental illness works. Calling it an "ego trip" doesn't dispel or do away with the fact that he is having a manic episode. Going on an ego trip is a symptom of a manic episode. This isn't his first episode and it won't be his last. Poor guy. Hope he gets the help he needs, even if he doesn't see it as help at this time.
  3. Oof, yes indeed! I have serious patcher envy!
  4. Poor dude 😞 I've got multiple family memebers who are bi-polar and at least they have the advantage of being able to go through an episode without cameras pointed at every second of it and broadcast over the internet. He seems to have been getting worse and worse as the years go by, or maybe it is just the effect of more and more of it being made visible. Hope he can finally surround himself with people who have a spine and actually want what is best for him
  5. I had never thought of it being a super-detuned brass instrument, but I did always feel it had this nice brassy, acoustic kind of sound.
  6. Anything Lorn, how does he do it? Especially this bass sound? All I know is reverb and some filtering, but I just don;t get how he gets a sound that sounds at the same time so fat and so distant and indistinct. Best sound design atm in my opinion
  7. Really enjoying this. Got real doom/sludge vibes, totally feels like something I would see supporting Sunn O)))!
  8. And what a nice sample pack iot is too! Itching to get it loaded onto my Digitakt this weekend. I'm also an elektron fanboy, I love the fact you could do a whole live set on any one of their devices, and the parameter locking system lets you get so much more variety going on
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