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  1. joetgmt

    The Tuss

    Also Danny Wilson and Aztec camera titles so might just be a fan of scottish 80s bands.
  2. joetgmt

    The Tuss

    It also comes under the title yellow cellophane days which is another old shamen track from the Gorbachev record. I'm I big fan of that early shamen stuff so just caught my interest linking them to the tuss/...
  3. joetgmt

    The Tuss

    https://archive.org/details/TheTuss it has the tracks from the rephlex release . I get that not all of it can be regarded as genuine tuss.
  4. joetgmt

    The Tuss

    Late to the party and just discovered the Hymns Tuss compilation that I take is the Myspace stuff from years ago. A lot of the track titles are old Shamen records, does anybody know why? New member so appologies if this has been discussed ,did a search but didnt't find anything.
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