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  1. Well godarn, it appeared as if my phone went to sleep but audio was recorded lmao. Just practicing for eventual live performance. I would live to do IDM/dnb/glitchiness sets. Tho too bad I'm in bumfuck small town Ontario where its not really popular. Turns out improv is a skill. Any tips and or tricks? Like, there's a hell of a lot to master and practice I believe before I am ever ready and I don't think I'll ever get toa. perfect point, but with my APC and Push 2 I can try and get as close as possible. Already using dummy clips on my Push 2 to trigger glitch fx, mainly thru Looperator, all set up within a device rack with. a few other fx, all macro'd to the rack. Like, I don''t have the balls, nor the respect of other musicians yet to lie on stage with a cigar and hit play.....yet...and I ain't playing bass like Pusher... I dunno where this post is winding up right now lol. Should I even live perform? WIth COVID lookin like shit is shut down for a while, but is like live glitchy/idm/dnb a popular thing to go to? LIVE.mov LIVE.mov Well it also appears I ahve utterly failed to compose this post right too. MY bad.
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