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  1. Hey, everyone! Just wanted to share my latest experimentation with Kinect, Ableton Live and TouchDesigner. It's amazing what can be accomplished with so little investment:
  2. I’ve been kind of obsessed with oscilloscope music/drawing this past week. And kind of sad due to the fact that the cool analog ones that were being sold in my area were super over-priced or in terrible shape. That’s why I decided to build one in TouchDesigner (and I was able to include the so precious XY mode!) What you’re hearing in the first video is a segment of Jerobeam Fenderson’s “Planets”, track part of his amazing album “Oscilloscope Music”. And all the visuals you’re seeing are being generated by just using said track as an input for the oscilloscope built in XY mode. (Yes, Jerobeam is awesome) There’s still some room for improvement, but I’m quite happy with the “analog vibe” I managed to give the whole thing. PS: I’ve just uploaded a copy of Oscilloscope’s project file for all my patrons. Let the sonorous drawing begin: https://linktr.ee/uisato
  3. Hey, everyone! I've been experimenting for the past couple of months with different softwares and techniques and I'm super excited to share with you what's been achieved! 😄 Hardware used: - PC running Windows 10 with Ableton Live 11 + TouchDesigner running on parallel - Kinect V2 Kinect-Controlled Drum Rack: Kinect-Controlled Voice FX Chain: Kinect-Controlled Guitar FX Chain: Kinect-Controlled Synth: What do you guys think? What would you like to see in the future with these kinds of experiments? I'm all ears!
  4. I would love to have the knowledge to make something like that! Doesn't seem so complicated, but haven't used Raspberries ever.
  5. Hello there! As the title describes, a dear friend/producer of mine and I started a record label/community to promote music as a group. The idea came to our minds while discussing about the diverse and awesome musicians we find almost by accident, how artists of less popular genres don´t get the exposition we believe they should, and also the fact that we tend to move our music (that´s our perception) as lone wolves. So we didn´t think twice, made use of our enthusiasm (and some skills we learned throught the years) and developed an identity, designed a website, launched a blog and started to contact fellow artists too see if there´s people interested in joining us. The name of the project is aquí yacen records, the spanish expression to say "here lie the records". You can check our website right here: www.aquiyacen.com And this is an article with more information: www.aquiyacen.com/post/welcome-to-aqui-yacen We´re looking for artists who like what we´re doing and feel motivated to take part. It is free, no agreement and you would owe us nothing. Our earning and yours is to meet new cool artists and working with them to improve at what we do. Thank you for reading!
  6. My very first tutorial, ever. Hope you guys enjoy it. www.youtube.com/watch?v=rhxB8eq4r88
  7. That's a great idea! I've been experimenting with producing MIDI, but no greatness yet achieved. Need to improve it a lot. Let me know if you get any results!
  8. Pointcloud me controlling some parameters of a REPRO-5 in Ableton Live with my right hand’s X and Y axis through the use of TouchDesigner’s TDAbleton component and Kinect CHOP. Thought some of you guys might dig into this kind of experiments. 😄
  9. "rostro" Music (#ableton) and visuals (#touchdesigner) by myself. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x-1go7FUbcU
  10. That's great! That makes us kind of neighbours (?)
  11. How are you, people? Does anyone have any kind of references about which music libraries are good to include our compositions and which are not? From what I've seen there is a lot of sketchy sites and quite dubiously written "exclusive" contracts. I'm asking you guys because I've been offered an exclusivity contract with the company "Soundscape.io", and there's not much information about their services in the online realm of things..
  12. Thanks for the support! Tried several times, via calls and emails. No answer at all. Thanks for the support, zero! Yes, they are aware and doing some paperwork to liberate the package. Unfortunately, DHL makes it all super-difficult. I'm pretty optimistic tho, situation will solve itself, eventually.. Hey, Silent! I'm just as surprised as you, my friend. Never imagined this could ever happen.
  13. What I will now try to put into words is what happened after working for a month for a company based abroad and whose retribution for my services resulted in the shipment of a precious and valuable set of musical instruments that, once in the country, DHL Argentina retained in an absurdly suspicious manner. This is part of the overwhelming course and how unexpectedly the (ungovernable) impotence ended up being transformed into art: (I invite you to, if possible, help with a clap so that it reaches as many people as possible) https://julian-santoro.medium.com/dhl-argentina-tried-to-rip-me-off-and-this-is-what-i-did-art-45cf07b58607
  14. With a little DIY vid for your enjoyment: Links to album: https://linktr.ee/uisato
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