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  1. Im also waiting, but I ordered 3 of them and contacted a bit ago.
  2. Based on the GAS in this thread I've placed an order for the Lyra8 diy kit, and going to have my buddy at Magpie Modular design a super tricked out panel for it. Random note, I accidentally order 2 Gods Box Lollipop compresser Diy kits. I've got one of em unopened and wanted to see if anyone wanted it before I paid to ship it back to the UK, or perhaps someone has something interesting to trade. https://www.thonk.co.uk/shop/lollipop/
  3. If anything goes wrong though, the troubleshooting is going to be a nightmare. Luckily the smt is all pre-soldered. Im sure calibration will be time consuming, but each through hole board doesnt seem so bad.
  4. Man Im tempted by the that VS-1. I have an avalon and love it, although mine has the scratchy pot issue and reading all the other issues people have theirs makes me super nervous about investing $2k in a DIY synth that may not have proper support. I'm not a total noob, and have built about 20 euro modules successfully, but not sure if that project might be more than I can handle. But Damn.... the VS-1 sounds good.
  5. Specular Tempus is pretty darn special, though maybe not in the price range you are looking for.
  6. And how is it? Ive been eyeing it as well
  7. Im sorry, have I broken a rule by saying hello? Friendly crowd.
  8. Just wanted to say hello and introduce myself. My name is Evan, and I've been releasing electronic music for almost 20 years now under the name Bluetech, and a few others. Currently running a label called Behind The Sky releasing electronic / modular synth music on vinyl. Total synth head, modular collector, and deep into the diy rabbit hole. Buchla, Serge, eurorack, Moog modular, use all of it. Hope everyone is staying upbeat and positive during this time. Cheers, Evan
  9. BTS-008: Johnny Woods - Pavilions RELEASE DATE: Aug 28th, 2020 File Under: Synth, Modular, Analog, Minimal, Ambient Recommend if you like: Caterina Barbieri, Allesandro Cortini, Laurie Spiegel, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, Cluster "I'm loving it!" - Michael Stein (Survive, Stranger Things Composer) “Pavilions helps us imagine a better world by providing music rich with organic technologies, synthstrumental pulses and atmospheres that’s perfect to paint with” – Alex Grey (Visionary Artist) "A beautifully engaging album
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