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  1. Some reviews "Analog braindance IDM warping electronics through experimental acid and minimalist club." - GenresWronger "Many of the pieces found on this album at times touch upon AFX’s Analord singles – taut, compact, and with a degree of dexterity that much of IDM only dreams of. Throughout the album the themes and melodies emerge in new, fantastic ways. Drenched, and I mean drenched, in pure acid shows how thoughtful acid techno can be when handled the right way." - Entropy Mag <- link "It brings good memories and hope for a better future – it is all gonna be alright, people! With quality music like this around, bad stuff simply fades away – Cassilda and Carcosa sketches a mellow melodic active happy place in which everyone is carefree. In this The Prophets’ Paradise our braindance heroes are making tasty sandwiches, welcoming us home for a pleasant act of hospitality." - Yeah, I Know It Sucks Mag <- link Also a blind album review/listening party by SP Reviews! in New Zealand
  2. Cloudwaves is an Ambient jam I did mostly on Eurorack and a tape machine, The Repairer of Reputations is probably the single off of the album, a kinda, "What if BoC did a AFX acid style track?"
  3. I've been stalking this forum for a while but finally ponied up and paid for an account. This is my first album release! (a wider distribution will occur on Sept 3rd by Ingrown Records) I wanted to share here first though. Its cool to trash it, beat it up tell me what sucks (as long as you tell me why!) 🙂 I trusts your critiques! There were no Software DAWs effects or VSTs used in the making of this album its all just sequencers controlling hardware synths and effects boxes mixed on a small analog console and then record to tape. Enjoy!
  4. very relaxing, good coding background music.
  5. Yeah the Octatrack is most certainly a demanding box. I really like the dreamy quality of 02a
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