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  1. I see you went with the Model D Schnieder hand crank.
  2. I don't know, are we all just so jaded now....there was maybe a time....maybe just me. I'm old, not 50, but old...do these Unfried Goods people usually hock musical wares or will it just be your usual logoo tat of totes, brollies and teddy's.
  3. can we move the WATMM servers there and bring back the Nice Tits thread. haha jk unless..?
  4. I would like to here a more detailed plan but generally agree, BUT would add that the demand isn't totally artificial (or financial). We are social beats and like to group together, we are also practical and would prefer to live close to where we work and "live" for other social activities. You could completely remove money from the system and their would still be demand and competition in urban areas for the best location (location, location). Realistically mass housing isn't going to be built anywhere people would actually want to live, is it? We've tried versions of social housing in the UK. Built, managed and maintained "council houses" owned by the Local government. Until Thatcher (*spit) in the 1980s I would guess the majority of the UK population lived in them. It was a post war policy of Labour governments. The reasons are complex obviously, despite good intentions mostly, they were just badly designed and had unforeseen outcomes in that they mostly created ghettos in the suburbs of old cities, huge great wastelands of houses and nothing much else. Concrete jungles with minimal transport links to anywhere else, sources of employment or entertainment for the inhabitants all living on top of each other. Its romanticised by some and probably created some wonderful culture, but they were still ghettos. I'm sure urban planners have learnt alot since then, I see the evidence in the houses that are replacing these old council estates. Giving ALL people a front and back door and a space to own and be responsible for, such as gardens. As opposed to shared spaces that become abandoned, unowned and lost to trouble makers. (apologies for further derailing the thread.....maybe if we could remove the politicians and religious crusaders we could hand over the region to urban planners and see what they would create to diffuse the conflict)
  5. some cracking pictures Thu....I began replying as I was about to ask why the sky was so dark in those pictures from Pakistan, but seen your technical explanation not that it means much to me as an photographic ignoramus!! That last picture is perfect for me. I see a juxtaposition between old an new in their, despite them all the being the same generation. Its the dog on a string character which is timeless in British street culture v the c*nt in socks and flip flips (sorry Sliders in the modern parlance) which is a new phenomenon.
  6. I enjoyed the first the first one the most, simply titled "The Shows" Track listing: 1. Rue The Waltzer 2.Mary Kiana Industries 3. Travellers have The Right to Thirteen Children 4. '84 Pontiac Caravan Dream 5. Trans Cowdenbeath Dual Carriage Way 6. Julie and Candyfloss 7. Gypos Ruined a Beautiful Place Out In The Country Park 8. Everything You Do Is To Win A Balloon 9. How Quickly Would I Die, If I Jumped From The Top Of The Parachutes? 10. Fairground Attraction [apologies in advance...obviously too much time on my hands when I should be working - which brings us back to the brothers... : ) ]
  7. Its a weird one , isn't it...I think it just highlights how scattergun their polices and decision making process is, they really are just making it up each time as they go. Which has been disastrous the last year as we need to be 3-4 weeks ahead of the curve with pre-emptive decisions. The one thing the government have been consistent about the last few years, as a key principle in the need for Brexit is taking back control of the borders and immigration. Locking down a small island state, limiting flights and putting in place lockdown hotels, testing every essential traveller coming in was all necessary and achievable (as other countries have proved). You think they would have jumped at the chance to go in hard now and then keep the tough measures even after covid... But no, to much much hassle, didnt want the blowback from the Airlines or to restrict the liberties of Boris's dad and all the trust fund influencers still wanting to travel.
  8. damn, that's disappointing,, . Who want's to buy my share,s in Chengod, ' , the fundamentals are all wrong and see no LT future value... (Will not accept Bitcoin unless you've lamenated it to be waterproof)
  9. I've often thought that low - mid level / municipal council type roles should be filled as part of a national service for 2-3 years- in the sense that the last people that should be allowed power are the ones that want it and that its not something that you build a career on or depend on for long term financial security. Similar to jury duty you can be called and required to serve, but for roles that equate to your education and background. We all have something to offer our community. Higher level national roles in power should just be better paid, controlled and vetted so that they attract the right type of person that again has the common good at heart - rather then the current swarm of self-serving cut-throat career politicians whose only aim is self enrichment and no sense of public duty.
  10. Sure it simplistic but finance is the only place these operators could be hit, these guys don't trade on consumer confidence. Joe Public has zero influence whether they get their medication from Pfizer or Moderna et. al. They cant just go down the street and buy it from someone else. Even if it does go wrong they have this out from the politicians AND in this instance the public, who in the most are willing to accept the higher risk this time to try and get back some normality. That I can understand. Long term trials and wider real life distribution of the vaccination are the only way to find all potential significant side effects and in this instance most are willing to forego that in the hope of getting back to normal quicker. My main point was that the normal rules have been thrown out here, if in 12 months time we find that these vaccinations either don't provide any long term immunity or worse have side effects. "Big Pharma" will have lost nothing They'll move on to the next thing....
  11. I'm no expert or anti-vaxxer but in the US and UK the makers of the vaccines have been given total immunity for any unintentional side-effects of the vaccines. They cant be sued, you cant get compensation if injured by the vaccine. They have no skin in the game, its all up side for them to rush this out. Their business and the shareholders are protected. You are not.
  12. agreed on the collab thing, its been done to death and it rare that 2+2=5 when it comes to any collab. having said that at the time I've been carried along in the hype as well. I like my Stussy v Nike "Increase The Peace" T-Shirt and my Nike Air Force 1 Gore-Tex trainers are the best trainers one can have in rainy Scotland.
  13. My wife likes Gucci, read into that what you will......
  14. I was 14 and think i still have the tapes in my garage of the full Friday night broadcast recorded on my white alba stereo - would have been played to death that year, especially 808 and James (had only just discovered there was more to them than Sit Down) remember the Mondays being particularly shambolic for headliners at their peak.
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