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  1. You can download this track for FREE on You can check the video on: If you like the song and video, it would always be nice if you subscribe on my channel for more videos in the future!
  2. When I was working on Experiment #527a I encountered a problem with the flexy master laser which got out of his course and hit me in the eye. Sudden dead took effect immediately. After a while I woke up because my alarm was going of, assuring me that the amethyst crystal did its job. This crystal is used to solve all problems in case of immediate dead, but it also broke apart. Since I do not have a spare crystal I just stopped working on this experiment. This track is the result of this process. https://themadscientistbelgium.bandcamp.com/track/the-mad-scientist
  3. This track is created by mixing red with blue substances, the electromagnetic field of the substance is out of control and so I had to use a compressor on the magni compulsor dimension of the substances. Many people said: it would sound better if you do this or do that. They do not understand. They do not understand everything will blow up then. You always have to be carefull with red and blue substances and this is certainly the case when you even dare to mix them.
  4. *Getting out of DOC MODE* I think the song is finished. I will leave the link on private for a bit longer so that people can hear it and give their thoughts about it. If I do not get any comments this means the song will be good and then I will release it. Work I did: The samples I used for kick and snare and percussion are changed by using compressor, delay, reverb and EQ. I also changed the kick A LOT by using the onboard function of the 909 Core Kit (only kick) For other samples like snare and so on I searched the database inside Ableton untill I found something that sounded good. Then I changed it a bit to make it sound better. All sounds are presets yes, but the arps and the sequences have been completely changed to a new pattern or if there was not a pattern, I made one from scratch. I also used reverb and delay on all instruments. So yes it is a preset, but the melodic part is not what it was at all anymore. I did automation on the track, fading in and out of instruments, making some instruments louder in some parts and more silent in others (I think I still can improve a bit on the kick and snare in regions were there is not a lot else going on) I used compression on kick and snare. I EQ-ed everything. I changed the fade out on the end to some kind of "ending" Mixed it untill I did not hear any distortion anymore. The mix is a bit quiter then professional mixes but thats no problem for me. I rather have a good sounding mix thats a bit less loud then a very loud mix that is full of distortion. I think thats as good as everything I did, I am not sure anymore since I did a lot. And I did a lot of things for the very first time. Let me know what you think, if you can hear distortion or in what regard it could become better. If I know how to do it and agree I will try to do it. *Getting back in DOC MODE* Now, where is my ultra regulator 3000?
  5. I did all the calculations and forget to include the ascension of the planet Neptune. I had to re calibrate and this took me several hours. I think I am getting close now. I will try to make the ending a bit better tomorrow. Need blue substance and toilet paper. And I am all out of toiletpaper (again) Found toilet paper. I think its finished now. Still not sure. Need to let it run thru night to be sure the sound capacitor does not explode. https://soundcloud.com/user-398982519/the-mad-scientist/s-HeLlA8COtZn
  6. Update. I redid the drums, I seem to be fairly content of them now. My new micro transfer device was really worth the 7 bucks. Internet is an amazing thing. So after paralyzing the frequencies unto utter and as Mr Trump would say, tremendous, oblivion I understood that going even further would risk a tear in the parallel frequencer which could, as we all know and understand, create a black hole.So then I focused a bit more on the more melodic parts I guess, the things that bounce around because of the particles In the matrix. I put some more, effects you call it I think (I call it total derivation of reality) on it.I am fairly happy about the results. This time nothing blew up so I think I am starting to get in the right direction? Let me know what you think. https://soundcloud.com/user-398982519/the-mad-scientist Do I hear distortion? Yes, I think I do hear distortion. Back to the drawing tables.
  7. I did some research to this Mozex fellow and I understand the comparison in music style. But he has not perfected that style to be honest. Yes he has great things in there, but then he seems to start touching to much keys on a synth which result in bad melodies. Since I do not use a synth and work with vials, knobs, microprocessors, dual midi converters (a & a+b) and some fire (these are basics) this problem should not exist. But he seems like a great guy to me.
  8. Yeah he seems to have done an amazing job cause you still remember him. I aspire to be as great scientist as this Mozex fellow is.
  9. I bet you are the smart one. But only me ever has gotten his processor to -9 micromasters
  10. The link is private because it is possible it will have changes in future.
  11. I have a dream, that someday I will be on a stage. I will not be singing, nor will I be playing any instruments. Instead, I am experimenting. On stage is a table full of science equipment. Vials with substances, electronic parts, knobs, buttons, microscope and so on. I will be playing these things. And when I play them you hear music. While the music plays, I am experimenting and my goal is for people to not look at me. Because my experiments are secret. Thats why I make sure my experiments make noise. So people will dance. And not look at me. And my experiments. On that day I will be The Mad Scientist
  12. Too basic. No problem, there is always such guy in science conventions. I understand you are sorry to be that guy and I will happily forgive you. Most achievements are not because great man followed all the rules, in science great achievements are based on rules that did not comply. On the other hand, I do not know what rule I have broken. I searched for an introduction topic but did not find one.
  13. I had the pleasure already filling in an interview somewhere. I will use those questions and answers to tell a bit more about myself: What is music to you? What does it give you? The Mad Scientist: It's the future baby. What is your music dream? The Mad Scientist: Music? Who is talking about music here? Scientificall Experiments is the correct term. If you could change the world - what would you start with? The Mad Scientist: Science Which is the most memorable song from your childhood? The Mad Scientist: When my processor started to go -9 micromasters Who are your favorite musical artists or bands? The Mad Scientist: Tesla What inspires you to make music? The Mad Scientist: When I wake up I just wonder: what can I make go BOOM today? What is the message you want to send with your music? The Mad Scientist: Failure is never an option, except when you just blew everything up. Sometimes this means you succeeded, other times not. How do you feel when you perform in front of an audience? The Mad Scientist: I feel like I need to patent my experiments. I do not like it when people stare at me. Thats why I started to create some experiments that create sound so hopefull everyone will be dancing when I mix the good stuff on stage. Blue and red is not a good idea. I like yellow and pink. How do you see the musicians’ reality nowadays? What could be improved? The Mad Scientist: I am just gonna ignore the fact that you keep talking about these 'musicians'. I know nothing about that. I think and improvement would be if we could go on and talk about it as scientificall experiments. Sigh. What frustrates you most as a musician? The Mad Scientist: Nothing because I am The Mad Scientist. Do you support your local scene as a fan? How? The Mad Scientist: I assure them I will not blow them up. What qualities should a musician nowadays have in order to get their music heard by a larger audience? The Mad Scientist: Lot of explosions. Share some awesome artists that we’ve never heard of. The Mad Scientist: Nikola Tesla https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nikola_Tesla
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