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  1. Very IDM! Confession: I stole two slices of my roommates cheese
  2. Try the Ableton demo. And then upgrade Reason so you can use it as a plugin in Live :)
  3. Hush we're not supposed to publicly admit our postmodernist cultural marxist project of white genocide!
  4. No, a tech company should not be censoring the president of the United States. What’s that? It’s not censorship because Twitter is a private company? Oh ok.
  5. Yes. And how do we solve racism? Not by telling people to not be racist, the current culture wars are only raising racial tensions, but by implementing policy that helps marginalized groups. But of course the elites don’t want to do that because the current situation benefits them. Amazon literally strives to make workplaces more diverse because it makes unionizing less likely.
  6. Well what working class means now is a complicated question. For the first time in ages the current generation has worse economic prospects than their parents, while simultaneously being very highly educated.
  7. Piano roll scales is a big one for me. New fx and comping also looking good.
  8. Using identity politics to divert from class issues and cause more division among the majority of people. More female drone pilots, black CEOs, performatively reading the names of murdered black trans women in a rose garden etc.
  9. Expect tech giants growing in power, woke censorship of free speech, “working class is code for white” discourse, and refusal to criticize Biden because of an ever looming threat of “fascism”.
  10. Obviously real analog, listen to that hiss
  11. I saw some speculation that the last track on SIGN was made on a hardware analog, was there a source for that? 106 mod would suggest that too.
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