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  1. RIP. We never interacted but I remember Salvatorin as a very creative energy from my lurking days.
  2. Silence of the Lambs Repulsion Verhoeven’s Elle The Piano Teacher Les Diaboliques Zulawski’s Possession Rosemary's Baby Belle de Jour
  3. RIP Sophie, such a unique voice.
  4. There was some drama regarding VCV and miRack and licensing that I’m not fully aware of. MiRack I think started as an iPad app and was the ported to Mac and works as a plugin because some Apple technology made it easy. There’s a VST version of VCV being developed, but it will cost money, miRack for Mac might be free or at least cheaper. And then there’s some other VCV clone that works as a plugin... tldr it’s very complicated and I could be wrong about the details haha.
  5. Right, I guess it’s M1 only. Was getting it mixed up with the miRack app which got a Mac version that afaik doesn’t need new hardware....
  6. Pfizer Will Ship Fewer Vaccine Vials to Account for ‘Extra’ Doses
  7. I think it does run on a Mac with the newest OS, not natively but however they are running iPhone apps on Macs now.
  8. Not really, classic IDM wasn’t very identity centered, apart from Aphex Twin’s trolling presentation, which I’m sure some academics could recontextualize as some sort of “queering” lol. They do play a huge role in newer experimental electronic circles though.
  9. It’s hard to speak of an “IDM community” because nobody ever really agreed what it means. The term is really only used for historical reasons, old school IDM and new Autechre for example being quite different things. From what I’ve seen there’s also a new generation being somewhat indirectly affected by the musical legacy. Lots of young people learn about Autechre because Sophie was influenced by them, and the experimental production techniques of PC Music have seeped into the Hyperpop thing kids seem to be into. Also the “deconstructed club” trend that happened, with people like Arca
  10. Yep that one isn’t all that bad, just sparked my suppressed memory of this monstrosity
  11. This video is so fucking funny to me. ”Yeah Lopatin’s cool, existential dread and nihilism man... Kinda like the stuff I used to do, I was actually a musician. Real DIY ambient loop stuff man... Unlike this pretentious asshole Basinski. I was doing stuff like that way before him dude. He uses a fucking echo on his loops! People just pretend to like his music because of the story, anyone could do that. I know because I was a musician in my day (click here to listen to my music)”
  12. Based on this picture it might only have four analog voices, two of which are toms, which sounds a little lame... Still looking forward to see more, and the digital side is what I'm really interested in.
  13. Hybrid of Volca beats/drum/sample with built in effects sounds like a dream. Hope the sequencer comes close to Elektron level.
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