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  1. Reading the reviews, funny how quickly a narrative forms. This is now officially the social distancing emotional album. Alco being the exception of course.
  2. Everybody knows that if anything has two discs you play them simultaneously. Otherwise Drukqs would just be boring piano plonks.
  3. That bubbly track was doing some weird time expansion thing
  4. Feeling a little numb right now. Simple but complex, beautiful but heavy. Closer was a standout on first listen. Will probably take a bit of a break before going for a second one.
  5. Someone shop ae logo on the mug and max/msp watmm on the screen
  6. Yeah I miss the era where each album had a bunch of singles, like with Björk. Mostly they were filled with lousy remixes, but there were also neat extras and some great b-sides, and it was cool to have all that artwork.
  7. Rob is lush. Sean is mental. What do you get when you but them together?
  8. Been into Sabines quantum mechanics videos for a while. Straight to the point and a good ratio of things I can follow and things that go way over my head.
  9. Pro Radii and Sublimit are the weak points of Untilted All Perlences suck except Suns and Sublimit 3
  10. Spotify Employees Threaten to Strike If Joe Rogan Podcasts Aren’t Edited or Removed Won’t strike for fairly compensating artists but will strike for censorship.
  11. Surprise drops are so last season I like waiting
  12. Autechre is about dancing about architecture
  13. Music is made of sound and/or silence. Bring on the burgers.
  14. How it feels to listen to th red a
  15. Out on the App store already 😍
  16. There was a moment in popular culture when teenage and child sexuality was a popular theme, and not just in France. There were even major political initiatives to normalize it in real life. It’s interesting how this has been largely swept under the rug.
  17. Not that the Oscars ever mattered, but it’s still a little sad to see the state of mainstream cinema today. Hollywood truly is dead and it’s corpse is being animated by an AI producing an endless quantity of shit for consumers of streaming platforms. No humanity or warmth and everything looks the same but at least it’s diverse!
  18. Gotta love French culture, so casual about moral ambiguity in art. Sure, make a song about wanting to fuck your teenage daughter. Incest rhymes with lemon zest after all! Song is a banger too.
  19. I love A.G. but it does seem like he shines when working with other people.
  20. Hated this. Tried to be super quirky and totally weird man in the most obnoxious way and it just kept going with nothing happening under he surface. Tried to be funny and deep and pulled neither off. And I’ve liked Kaufman’s previous stuff wtf happened.
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