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  1. I was going to post this but then I took a closer look and saw the blunt for the first time. I always thought it was a poetic image of a hand touching the flame! Now it’s ruined.
  2. Not a big BOC fan (I'm only into the generally disliked albums lol) but I really like these: Amo Bishop Roden Chromakey Dreamcoat Peacock Tail Tears from the Compound Eye Reach for the Dead Cold Earth Midas Touch (Hell Interface Remix) But honestly threads like this are pretty pointless, nobody has your taste, people just get to post their favorites. Listen to some tracks on Spotify, there aren't that many.
  3. Remember when the hip queer music was called deconstructed club and made by people like Lotic and Arca timestretching samples of breaking glass? And Lotic wrote an idiotic opinion piece about how the PC Music people where rich white men making music no queer people would be interested in lol. Now the new thing is hyperpop and Arca is seen as a part of that. It just reflects the current climate where people love to craft stupid media narratives around identity. Anyway, this track is still as awesome as when Sophie was accused of being a man “appropriating femininity”.
  4. It’s kinda funny how the sound of ”futuristic music” has been the same for a while now. Put your stuff through some comb filters and stutters, spectral gating if you’re really adventorous and holy shit it’s like I’m in the future!
  5. ”Hyperpop” was good before the term appeared. I love the first gen PC Music stuff, Sophie, Charli XCX etc. Now every teenager with an anime avatar questioning their gender identity is making hyperpop and it feels quite diluted. Stuff like Gecs is just very annoying to me. Basically I’m old now and react to the new stuff the same way Resident Advisor commentors reacted to early Sophie. Those comments are still hilarious btw.
  6. Very IDM! Confession: I stole two slices of my roommates cheese
  7. Try the Ableton demo. And then upgrade Reason so you can use it as a plugin in Live :)
  8. No, a tech company should not be censoring the president of the United States. What’s that? It’s not censorship because Twitter is a private company? Oh ok.
  9. Piano roll scales is a big one for me. New fx and comping also looking good.
  10. Obviously real analog, listen to that hiss
  11. I saw some speculation that the last track on SIGN was made on a hardware analog, was there a source for that? 106 mod would suggest that too.
  12. I get it. I’ve been frustrated by everything going on like everyone so I’ve been a little edgy posting in this thread. Can’t imagine what it’s like to be an American in the middle of all of this. I hope all the chaos that’s been building up comes to a release that’s at least somewhat constructive.
  13. Honestly I don’t know, I just know Biden has a long history in politics and a lot of it is unflattering. It is crazy what the media reports on and what they don’t, and what gets manufactured into a scandal and what doesn’t. All the stupid shit they used against Bernie...
  14. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2020/feb/17/joe-biden-role-iraq-war
  15. That’s awful, I’m honestly sorry. Yes, Trump has mismanaged the pandemic. But that has happened in countries all over the world, and I don’t have much faith in a democratic president handling things much better. Conservatives wouldn’t wear masks if a president told them to. Biden has been instrumental in starting wars. Literal children have been blown to pieces. That’s way worse.
  16. If Biden wins, the worst kind of neolib establishment democrats win. If Trump wins they lose. I don’t want them to win. Also Biden has much more blood on his hands than Trump.
  17. Biden reminds me of my dad 🙂 He’s also a senile rapist responsible for decades of horrible politics and countless deaths around the globe.
  18. Reading the reviews, funny how quickly a narrative forms. This is now officially the social distancing emotional album. Alco being the exception of course.
  19. Everybody knows that if anything has two discs you play them simultaneously. Otherwise Drukqs would just be boring piano plonks.
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