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  1. I’ve now listed on Discogs https://www.discogs.com/sell/item/1165368991 I’m still open to meet/trade for synth gear if any UK folks are interested.
  2. Yeah, but I kind of liked my idea 🙂 I haven’t been flooded with offers, so I’ll probably list on eBay at the weekend (will update this post when I do) . Great for eBay as they’ll get a cut of what I sell it for, and maybe what I go on to buy with the money...
  3. No. Early on they were, and then I read on Discogs that this wasn’t advisable, so I stored them in paper sleeves. This is the advantage of meeting up to swap, as I’m happy for a potential buyer to try the vinyl and inspect the records and binder.
  4. Ah well, obviously you don’t, but someone might be interested. Please PM me/get in touch if you are.
  5. Hi, I have a complete Analord binder (binder and records in mint condition) that I’ve owned from new since release. The binder was ordered direct via Rephlex’s website and the records from bleep.com as they were released. I haven’t played them and they’ve been in storage since buying. I’m getting more into buying synths/hardware and making my own music now and was wondering if anyone would be interested in a swap for their old/unwanted synth hardware. Ideally, and maybe in my dream world 🙂 ,I’d like a Roland JX3P or SH101, but would consider any sensible offers of analogue or digital gear. Also I live in England near to Folkestone in Kent so would prefer to trade with someone in London/South East so we could physically meet and exchange the items. If this of interest to anyone then drop me a message. Can provide pics etc to confirm condition.
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