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  1. Something like this https://youtu.be/PQ2uMauyBow
  2. YES, we finally have a companion album for HAM !
  3. It's $459 on the focusrite store, I really want to know why there is a $110 difference? Also, I think the price is pretty good for what it is
  4. There is still time, I'm guessing they will on October 30th when the product launches
  5. https://store.focusrite.com/en-gb/product/afx-station/NOVSYNTH03AFX~NOVSYNTH03AFXUKEU?__hstc=185690934.f03fd4979aa65409c90473b51195df1f.1603202484934.1603202484934.1603206215646.2&__hssc=185690934.1.1603206215646&__hsfp=1173578082
  6. oh, nevermind then... Just been on top of google and this poped up as recent. I've been trying to figure out where the information will drop but I guess I'll just pay attention to Novation's social media. EDIT: But the fact it's advertised in a record shop I think is a good sign
  7. New tweet from Phonica Records... seeming extra likely that this will be an EP, fingers crossed minimum 4 tracks
  8. I swear I read that the whole ep was made using that one cheetah machine, I could be wrong though...
  9. Less than 24 hours until we get the deets, any final prodictions? My bet is that the product is a simple re-skinned Bass Station ii, but all the presets are made by Aphex Twin. Also, my prodiction is that we are just getting the 1 new track... however, I am only saying that so I don't set myself up to be let down. My TRUE hope is that we get an EP is the style of Cheetah, every track having been made on this one machine.
  10. If you're passionate about cooking I think this is cool I find this comparable to getting a signed instrument, kind of, it's a product I can make music with, investment into my passion
  11. oh WOW, this new track sounds incredible!!! I hope we get something Cheetah length, but if it's just this 1 track that's okay, becaus ethat sounds gnarly as hell ! Richard pls
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