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  1. Reviving this server, it got wiped before so we're starting fresh https://discord.gg/B8RsuJVmqK Not yet
  2. You're right, it doesn't. It's just a suggestion for those who might potentially enjoy using it. It might seem like I have come across as someone who cares a little to much about something so small, but I thought I'd get my thoughts out there in detail. At the end of the day, I really don't care what term anyone uses, or if they even use a term at all.
  3. Warp recently repressed the completion Artificial Intelligence Vol. 1, in their marketing they decided not to use the term IDM, but instead, electronic listening music Yeah, I know... There have been many attempts to change the term "IDM" to something else, I'm far from the first. People have come up with lots of unique alternatives such as Internal Dance Music and Brain Dance, the latter being one that has been the most successful alternative. The term IDM has always been troublesome with a large amount of people, some people have accepted it, others question it, and then there are some people who outright despise the term, all of which are valid reactions to the term "Intelligent Dance Music". Today, Warp themselves have subconsciously suggested a term they once used all those years ago by bringing it up once again, Electronic Listening Music. With the vinyl repress of the compilation that coined the term IDM 30 years ago. That's a long time for this term to have been in circulation, and I have a feeling it will remain there. However, I've made a conscious effort to start using the term ELM instead, and wanted to suggest this term to a few IDM communities. I love the term "Electronic Listening Music", since it's electronic music for active listening, it seems to me that one of the only kinds of electronic music a large majority of the world pays attention to is Electronic Dance Music, or EDM. Having another genre called Electronic Listening Music, or ELM, makes a lot of sense. In the mind of someone who hears the term "Electronic Listening Music", they might imagine an album experience like Dark Side of the Moon, but made from Electronic Music, oh hey, would you look at that, on the floor? That one over there on the cover of Artificial Intelligence Vol. 1. I imagine people would associate ELM with other types of listening music, not just IDM, but I think that's okay. That's the same issue I see with "Experimental Electronic", another term I've seen a lot of people use. But I think ELM is slightly more subgenre-able than Experimental Electronic. I mean hey, Kraftwerk aren't IDM, but I'd absolutely consider them to be ELM. I think it's fine to have a name like Kraftwerk under the same genre tag as Aphex Twin, in my mind they really work under the same umbrella. I'm going to go with ELM from now on, Warp themselves said it about the exact same release they once used to coin the term IDM. The idea of getting the term ELM from the same compilation and label feels oddly fitting. I might be in my own little world here, but I'm going to make a conscious effort to say ELM instead of IDM. The fact that this compilation is what birthed the term IDM makes it the perfect excuse to change it, It's time for a hard reset. This is just a suggestion, but I would love to see if anyone out there is willing to get on board. Posted this all over Reddit but thought I should come by and share here. This is the mighty WATMM, I can't ignore you guys.
  4. It's real, I have a mate who is anticipating the email. He reached out to someone and they said they are manually processing them forward, so shouldn't be long
  5. Has anyone got the full thing backed up? All we have left is this short loop
  6. I want their next project to make people mad, I want them to freak people out with their decisions, do something shocking. Maybe Sean can finally make his hip hop album, or they do a full Breakcore album. Idk, I didn't find SIGN or PLUS shocking enough, the only track that blew me away was r cazt but even as beautiful as that track is, it didn't make me feel like that's the next step for autechre. I want them to shock me, do something sonically very different.
  7. I made this playlist back during WXAXRXP, I have just updated it to May 2021 and will try to keep more on top of it https://open.spotify.com/playlist/2qZKQaAv6ygdCGZ0vzwccU?si=31897019c2174722
  8. demo


    My guess Disc 1 - Feed Me Weird Things Disc 2 - Previously unreleased material to expand the album Disc 3 - Remixes
  9. Listen to the single, it's more like ISAM era if anything He has another album coming out in June under another alias called Stone Giants, interested to see what that's going to be like Before anyone says "how many side projects does this guy have?", it's zero.
  10. demo

    confield art

    That... is fair enough.... I wasn't meant to reply to that last comment anyway, I was probs just having a bad morning, pre coffee
  11. demo

    confield art

    A wee bit harsh yeah, that's why I said "bit harsh", I cant say my responce was an attack... but thanks for letting me know I saved the day, I guess that's why they call me decent demo. For real though I'm not taking it personally, I just like both album covers, if I don't like an album cover I'll probably give a more detailed responce than just "ewww". Saying "so the stories are true" wasn't in responce to that anyway, it was in responce to "he gets worked up about new members", I mean, that's the kind of stupid shit I've heard goes down on here.
  12. demo

    confield art

    Haha, nice. I might be fairly new here but I've heard all about WATMM, so I guess the stories are true... Good to know there are some decent people here who like to discuss and theorise particular things though rather than just be a shitposter.
  13. demo

    confield art

    I just wanted to point out how similar the design is to Amon Tobin's Permutations, which was released a year prior to Confield's recording. Any chance they might have taken inspiration?
  14. Bit late but these are my personal favourite albums of the year 1. Figueroa (aka. Amon Tobin) - The World As We Know It 2. Wagon Christ - Recepticon 3. Autechre - Onesix 4. Squarepusher - Be Up a Hello 5. Autechre - SIGN & PLUS 6. Daniel Avery - Love + Light 7. Oneohtrix Point Never - Magic 8. John Frusciante - Maya
  15. YES, we finally have a companion album for HAM !
  16. It's $459 on the focusrite store, I really want to know why there is a $110 difference? Also, I think the price is pretty good for what it is
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